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Q: Who scores the fastest soccer goal in the Olympics?
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What team scored fastest soccer goal in Olympics?

Oribe peralta, Mexico

What soccer player scored the fastest goal in the Olympics?

Oribe Peralta in the 2012 Olympics in the final against Brasil at 29 Seconds into the game

Who score the fastest goal?

The sophomore midfielder set the NCAA record for the fastest goal scored in a collegiate women's soccer game netting the first goal just four seconds into the match. and in world cup history....... hakan sukur (turkey) scores the fastest goal ever in the 2002 world cup (11 seconds)

In soccer a goal a team scores against themselves is called what?

this is called an own goal

When a player scores an Own Goal in soccer does the goal count in the players total goal count?

no it doesnt

How many points is it when a soccer player gets the ball in the goal?

He scores one goal. Not points.

When a soccer team scores a goal the game is resumed as what?

The winning team

What is it called when a soccer player scores a goal for the other team?

When you score a goal for the opposing team it is called a home goal

What happens when a soccer offense scores a goal on their own goal?

A goal is awarded to the opposing team and the restart is a kick off.

What do you call a low soccer score?

0-0. That is when neither team scores a goal.

How many points does a team get when they score in soccer?

Every time a team member scores or also known as a goal is 1 goal or score . so if america scores 1 goal and england scores 5 goals the score is 1-5.

The crowd cheers when a player scores the winning goal during a soccer game?

emotional social action

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