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If your refering to the Boston Carolina game 7 it was Scott walker

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Q: Who scored their First nhl playoff goal in overtime game 7?
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What Celtic player scored the most points in a playoff game?

Ray Allen scored 51 points Thursday night in game 6, but they lost in triple overtime

Is the broncos vs. steelers playoff game the only overtime playoff game in nfl history?


Is there overtime in Stanley cup final game six?

Yes there is overtime in every single playoff game if needed until a winner comes out

Who scored the most in their first nba playoff game?

it's jabbar in 1976 and rose from the bulls in 2009 with 36 points

Most points scored by Lakers in a playoff game?

153 pts.

Who scored in overtime of Game 7 in the Montreal Hartford series in 1992?

Russ Courtnall scored the series clinching goal at 5:26 of the second overtime

What happen if the scored is tied after the end of the game of basketball?

The teams go into overtime. Some leagues have overtime for a certain amount of time, and some leagues play till a team makes their first basket in overtime.

Is there a limit to the number of overtimes allowed in a NFL game?

For a regular season game, there is a limit of one 15 minute overtime period. If neither team has scored at the end of 15 minutes of playing time, the game is recorded as a tie. For a playoff game, there is no limit as to how many overtime periods can be played. The teams play until one of them scores. The longest game in NFL history was a playoff game played December 25, 1971 between the Miami Dolphins and the Kansas City Chiefs. The game went one full overtime period and 7 minutes, 40 seconds into the second overtime before Garo Yepremian kicked a field goal to give the Dolphins a 27-24 victory.

In 1960's was it double overtime then sudden death in boys high school basketball?

It occurred after the first overtime if the score was still dead-locked. In the next ot, the first team that scored a bucket won the game.

What was the second NFL championship game to go into overtime?

The Colts defeated the Giants in the NFL's first sudden-death overtime in an NFL Championship Game on December 28. Alan Ameche(FB) scored on a one-yard touchdown run after 8:15 of overtime. The televised game is generally looked upon as the one that brought the NFL to its first great national attention as we know it today.

Which laker has scored the most points in a playoff game?

Elgin Baylor - 61 points

Who holds the Celtics record for most points scored in a playoff game?

Ray allen