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The winning goal was scored by the Brazilian Ronaldo.

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Q: Who scored the winning goal in the FIFA 2002 grand final?
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What afl team won the 2002 grand final?

The Brisbane Lions beat the Collingwood Magpies in the 2002 Grand Final.

Which Rugby League team won the 2002 grand final?

Sydney Roosters won the 2002 grand final 30-8

When was the last time the Sydney Roosters won a grand final?

2002 grand final and played in the 2004 grand final against the bulldogs

Who won the 2002 nsl grand final?

Sydney Roosters

Who scored the game winning goal for the Detroit Red Wings in the 2002 Stanley cup finals?

Brendan Shanahan

Did ronaldinho play with rivaldo?

They played together for Brazil. They were both members of the 2002 World Cup winning team. They also both scored in the quarter final against England, with Ronaldinho being sent off in that game.

Who scored the game winning td in the 2002-03 AFC wild card game vs the browns?

Chris Fuamatuma'afala

Who scored a goal in champions league final and world cup final?

Zinedine Zidane. He scored both in the 1998 World Cup with France and the 2002 champo league with Real Madrid. Another player to do this is the prolific German striker, Gerd Muller. He scored in two European Cup Finals (1974, 1975) and scored in Germany's 2 - 1 win against the Netherlands in 1974, becoming the only player to have scored in the World Cup and the European Cup in the same year. zidane scored in 2002 champions league final real Madrid v bayer leverkusen

The tennis great who retired in 2002 after winning US Open Final against Andre Agassi?

pete sampras

Who hit the winning runs in Indias famous NatWest final victory against England in 2002?

zahir khan

Has david nalbandian won a grand slam?

No he has not, but he has come mighty close - lost to Lleyton Hewitt in the Wimbledon final in 2002, and he has had 4 semi-final appearances in other grand slams

What are the release dates for American Idol The Search for a Superstar - 2002 Grand Final 5-41?

American Idol The Search for a Superstar - 2002 Grand Final 5-41 was released on: USA: 24 May 2006 Japan: 31 May 2006