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Mario Basler, the Munich player, scored the first goal of the 1999 Champions League final. He scored the goal in the 6th minute.

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Q: Who scored the opening goal in the 1999 champion league final?
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In the 1999 Champions League Final who scored the winning goal?

Ole Gunnar Solskjær scored in the 3rd minute of injury time, to win the Champion's League for Manchester United.

Did Michael Ballack play in the Champion's League Final 2007 08?

Yes, Michael Ballack did play in the final of the Champions League. He scored a penalty at the end of the game, after taking the first for Chelsea.

How many Spaniards have scored in a champions league final?

5 Spaniards have scored in a chapions league final

Who won the Champions League in 2009?

Barcelona won the Champion League in 2009. On the final match, the team went against Manchester United. They scored two points that led them to victory.

What football team played agenst Liverpool in the champion league final?

ac milan played Liverpool in champion league final.

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Where is 2010 champions league final held?

The 2o10 champion league final will be held in Moscow.

Who has won champions league in 2005?

Liverpool won the Champion's league in 2005 - They beat AC milan in the final on penalties, after a 3-3 draw after 90 minutes. No goals were scored in extra time.

Who has won the golden bout in the FIFA champion league 2010?

Lionel Messi ! He scored 8 goals in FIFA Champions League 2010, while Christiano Ronaldo only 7 goals and Diego Milito only 6 goals even he scored 2 goals in the final

Who is the only player to have scored in an fa cup final league cup final uefa cup final and a champions league final?

steven Gerrard

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Has Lucio scored in champions league final?

As Lucio is a deffender he has not scored any goals yet.