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115 Points - Bruce Vernon - Broward Community College

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Q: Who scored the most points in a collage basketball game ever?
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Who was Jordocovich?

He was the best basketball player ever. He scored 1,000,000 points.

What basketball team scored most points ever?

it was 186 by the detriot pistons

Who scored the most points ever in a quarter of an nba basketball and how many points did they score?

George Gervin- 35 points

What Olympic team scored the most points ever in basketball?

1992 dream team

Who scored the most points ever in a game of NBA basketball?

wilt chamberlain scored 100 pts all by himself

What is the most team points scored in basketball in four quarters?

On March 6, 1962 Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in one game. No one has ever beaten that.

What is the highest ever score in the basketball at the Olympics?

Most points were scored by the USA team at the 2012 London Olympics. USA scored 156 against Nigeria,Who scored 73 points.

What were the fewest total points ever scored in a Wisconsin boys' high school basketball state tournament game?


Who is the college basketball player to score the most points ever?

John Pierce of David Lipscomb College class of '94 scored 4230 points in his career.

What is most point one player has ever scored in the nba?

wilt chamberlain 100 points in nba but in college basketball 101

Has any basketball team ever scored more than 258 points in one game?

No, the most scored game was Detroit Pistons agains Denver Nuggets, 186~182 in 1982.

What player has scored over 1000 basketball points at two different schools?

Gary Neal at LaSalle and Towson University He's the 4th player ever to do so.