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I think it was scored by Frank Lampard for Chelsea at an Premier League match against Stoke City in 2009

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Q: Who scored the longest goal and who scored it?
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Who scored the longest goal in the world cup?

There are no statistics for the longest goal scored in the World Cup. However the fastest goal scored from kickoff was 11 seconds. It was accomplished by Hakan Sukur in 2002.

What is the longest soccer goal?

several goalkeepers have scored from a goal kick< but several goalkeepers have scored from a goal kick< but i think the longest was by pat jennings, reputedly at 97yds

What is the longest shot resulting in a goal at the 2010 world cup?

The longest goal scored from distance was Suli Muuntari of Ghana.

Longest goal in AFL?

The longest goal in AFL was scored in 1981 by one Jeff Fehring who kicked a goal from the center ball up circle. The kick was measured at 86 meters.

Who scored the winning goal in 1936 red wings game in 6th overtime?

This remains the longest game in NHL history. The winning goal was scored by Modere "Mud" Bruneteau at 116:30 of overtime.

What was the longest total time that a soccer goal was not scored?

Well... speaking game wise~ A full game is 90 mins. But... You can go into two periods of over-time and penalty kicks if there is still no goal scored. Most likely 120 mins is the longest time ツ

What is the longest hockey goal scored when a goalie was in net?

There are goalies that have scored on the other goalie. the rink is 200ft long, so it's just under 200ft (at the most).

Who scored the opening goal in 1996 in Euro?

Who scored the opening goal in 1996 in Euro?" Who scored the opening goal in 1996 in Euro?"

Who scored the farthest goal ever?

Goalkeeper Robinson scored the farthest goal from a goal kick.

When is a goal scored in a football match?

A goal is scored when the ball passes the line!

Who scored the 2000th premier league goal?

200th goal is yet to be scored

Who scored the 50000 th premier league goal?

The goal has yet to be scored.

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