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Dietmar Hamann scored the last goal at Wembley for Germany in a 1-0 defeat of England.

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Q: Who scored the last ever goal in the old wembely stadium?
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When did Pele scored his 1000 goal?

He scored his 1000 goal in November 19, 1969 and which stadium you ask it is in Rio de Janeiro's Maracan Stadium.

Who scored the farthest goal ever?

Goalkeeper Robinson scored the farthest goal from a goal kick.

How old was Bobby Orr when he scored his first goal ever?

bobby or was 10 when he scored his firs goal ever!!

Who has scored the best goal ever in the champions league?

Zidane scored the best goal in 2002...

Who scored first ever goal for Liverpool at wembley stadium?

At The New Wembley Stadium Martin Skrtel,There have been 5 goals Scored at the new Wembley by Liverpool they wre scored by Martin Skrtel,Dirk Kuyt,Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll (Andy Carroll Scored Twice at Wembley)

Has a hockey player ever scored a goal in every game for the season?

No, no NHL player has ever scored a goal in every game of the season.

Has anybody ever scored a goal directly from a goal kick?


Has a goalie ever scored a goal?

yes a goalie has scored a goal and that was Marty broduer of the new jersy devils

Who scored the first ever goal in a world cup?

Lucien Laurent scored the first ever goal in the FIFA World Cup, in 1930, in Uruguay.

Has a soccer goalkeeper ever scored a goal?


Who scored the first goal ever?

Fernando Torres

Did Pepe Reina ever scored a goal for Liverpool?


What is is the largest goal ever scored?

You will need to be more specific as to what you mean by goal.

Who scored final goal at old wembley stadium?

d haman (man city)

Did oliver kahn ever give a goal?

If you ask has he scored a goal then it is no, but he has let in goals.

Who scored the first ever world cup goal?

Lucien Laurent from France in 1930 scored the first world cup goal

What is the furthest goal ever scored in football?

Pail Robinson

Who has scored the best football goal ever?

bobby chalton

Who scored the first ever epl goal?

Brian Deane

Has messi ever scored a goal in England?

So far Messi has failed to score a goal in england. He has not scored in the arsenal game as well.

Who scored the first ever Premiership hat-trick?

Brian Deane scored the first ever Premiership goal, for Sheffield United

What date was the first world cup goal scored?

The first ever world cup goal was scored in a game against France and Mexico on 13th July 1930. Lucien Laurent scored the goal for France.

Which player scored the first ever goal for England?

The first goal ever scored by England in a FIFA World Cup was in 1950 by Stan Mortensen in the 39th minute against Chile.

Who scored the fastest ever debut goal in the premiership?

It was Luis suarez

Who scored the first-ever playoff goal for the Wild?

Flip Kuba