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in who land

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Q: Who scored the highest maiden century?
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When did Sachin Tendulkar made his maiden ODI century?

Sachin Tendulkar scored his ODI maiden century in 1994 against Australia.

What is maiden fifty in cricket?

A maiden fifty means your first fifty. The same goes for century but a maiden over is one that has no runs scored off it.

Who is the great international cricketer named his daughter after the ground on which he scored his maiden test century?

Brian Lara

Maiden century in cricket?

Charles Bannerman (Australia) scored the first century against England in the innaugral Test match. Charles Bannerman 165

What does a maiden over mean in cricket?

A maiden over is one in which no runs are scored. Leg byes and byes scored in over are not counted for maiden over.

How many runs are scored off a maiden over?

A maiden over in cricket is defined as one in which no runs are scored.

Cricket over in which no runs are scored?

It is called a maiden or maiden over.

Who in the Pakistan cricket team made the highest maiden test century?

Yasir Hameed 170 against Bangladesh

A Maiden over gives how many runs?

A maiden over is one in which no runs are scored

Who are the 8 people who have scored a century in their only first class match?

highest score of Sunil Gavaskar

What is the highest run of sachin tendulkar in ipl?

sachin scored a century in year 2011 against Kochi

What is mean by maiden cricket century?

Maiden Century refers to the first century by a player. Let us say you start playing cricket and after around 15 matches you make a century, that would be your maiden century

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