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None. A maiden over is one where no runs are scored

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Q: How many runs does a batsman score in a maiden over?
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In cricket what is a maiden over?

Maiden Over is the over in which no run is given by the bowler to the batsman. There may be extra runs like leg by and by runs etc.

What do you call an over in which the takes a wicket but the batters do not score runs?

maiden wicket or wicket maiden

What maiden means no runs in a over or no wicket in a over?

Maiden over means no runs off the bat from the batsman and the over does not have a single No ball nor wide ball. Suhas Sapre (Baroda 10/08/2012)

How many minutes has a batter got to get out his batting crease in cricket?

A batter (or batsman) is not timed, as far as I know, in test cricket. It may be different in some of the other versions. If the batsman hits the ball without it being caught or running to score a run he will not be the batsman at the end of the over (six balls). His colleague will be the batsman for an over and then it will be his turn again.

What is the most runs a batsman can score with one bowled to them in cricket?

The most runs that a batsman can score in one shot is six, achieved by hitting the ball over the boundary without making contact with the ground.

Who is the only batsman to score 37 runs in one over in IPL history?

Chris Gayle

What does batsman have to do to score six runs?

To hit a six, the batsman must hit the cricket ball over the boundry rope without the ball touching the ground.

Who is the only batsman to score 37 runs in one over in IPL history till date?


What sport are you playing is a maiden is bowled over or someone is put for a duck r?

Cricket ,a Maiden refers to a bowler , bowling usually 6 times (an Over) without conceding a run , a Batsman is said to be out for a Duck when he is Bowled out for no runs.

A Maiden over gives how many runs?

A maiden over is one in which no runs are scored

How many runs are scored off a maiden over?

A maiden over in cricket is defined as one in which no runs are scored.

Is it possible to have 6 maiden bowls in an over in cricket?

Ok you've got this wrong. There are 6 balls in an over, each ball that doesn't have a run scored off it is called a dot ball, this is because it goes down in the score book as a dot. If the are no runs score off the entire over then it is called a maiden.

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