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Michael Jones

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Q: Who scored the first try for NZ against Italy in the first rugby world cup?
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Who scored the very first try in the very first rugby world cup in 1987?

In the New Zealand v Italy openeing match of the event no one actually scored the first try in World Cup rugby (it was a penalty try); - Michael Jones became the first individual try-scorer

Who scored the first points rugby wold cup?

Michael Jones, New Zealand, scored the first try in World Cup Rugby in NZ vs Italy 1987, but the first score of the match was a penalty try so the first person to score any points in that game was Grant Fox who converted the penalty try.

What is the Fastest ever rugby union try scored by Scotland?

John Leslie scored in 14s against Wales in 1999.

Which rugby team has most tries?

Jonah Lomu and Bryan Habana both have 8 tries in A Rugby World Cup. According to me Jonah Lomu is the best rugby player of all time. I believe that 8 tries was his own.

Who scored first try in Rugby World cup in 2007?

Ignacio Corleto

Who scored the first try in last nights rugby match?

Chris Ashton

Who scored the first try at the rugby world cup 1999?

Colin Charvis

Which player holds the record for the most points scored for Ireland in rugby a match against Wales?

david humphries

Who is Marc Ellis?

He is a former New Zealand rugby player. He scored 6 tries in a game against Japan in the 1995 Rugby World Cup which is the world record for the most tries by an individual in an international rugby match.

Who scored the first try in the 1987 rugby world cup competition?

Michael Jones from NZ

What is the quickest score in Rugby?

New Zealand against Portugal. In the 2007 World Cup. A try was scored by New Zealand against Portugal within 22 seconds.

Who scored the first try in the 1995 rugby world cup for south africa?

me nan