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Q: Who scored the first hattrick at the new wembley?
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Who scored first ever goal for Liverpool at wembley stadium?

At The New Wembley Stadium Martin Skrtel,There have been 5 goals Scored at the new Wembley by Liverpool they wre scored by Martin Skrtel,Dirk Kuyt,Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll (Andy Carroll Scored Twice at Wembley)

What football team has scored the most goals at the new wembley?


Who was the last player to score a hattrick at wembley before Defoe?

Theo Walcott scored a hat-trick against Croatia in Zagreb in the 2010 World Cup qualifying campaign, but to find the last hat-trick scored by an Englishman at Wembley you have to go back to 4th September 1999 when Alan Shearer scored three in the 6-0 win against Liechtenstein in qualifying for Euro 2000. (The last hat-trick scored at home for England was Peter Crouch in the 6-0 win vs. Jamaica in a pre-2006 World Cup friendly - much more recently than Alan Shearer's - but the match was played at Old Trafford due to the "New Wembley" still being built)

What was the first band to play at the new wembley stadium?


Who was the first artist to appear at the new wembley stadium?

George Michael

What year did new Wembley Stadium host its first FA Cup Final?


How many seats does wembley stadium have?

The New Wembley Stadium has 90,000 seats.

What year was the New Wembley Stadium built?

The New Wembley Stadium was built from 2004-2006, and was opened in 2007.

How much did the cutlery crockery and glassware cost at the new wembley stadium when it was first built?


Who was the first man to take a hattrick in the world cup?

Chetan Sharma was the first man to take a hat trick in the cricket world cup against New Zealand.

How many times have Liverpool played at wembley?

They have 0 appearances at the new Wembley stadium.

How much did all the cutlery crockery and glassware at the new Wembley Stadium cost when it was first built?


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