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Brian Deane

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Q: Who scored the first ever epl goal?
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Who scored the first goal in EPL 2011-12?

luis suarez 1-1 vs sunderland

Who is the highest goal scorer ever in the English premier league?

Alan Shearer, 260 EPL goals

How many goals has Wayne Rooney scored in EPL?


How many goals has Wayne Rooney scored ever?

Rooney has scored 21 goals this season The EPL Table

Who has scored the most goals in the epl?

Chelsea scored the most goals as a team, sheerer and ronaldo scored the most as a player

Who is the current highest goal scorer epl?


Name clubs Rooney has scored against in the epl?

Wayne Rooney has scored against every club in the e.P.L.

Who is the epl current highest goal scorer?

van persie

When was the Last goal to be scored by a goalkeeper?

by Tim Howard, the Everton goalkeeper. His shot was when he cleared the ball. Everton lost 2-1 to Bolton despite of that amazing goal(the goal was during the EPL game of 2010-2011, sorry if someonne else scrored earlier)

Which EPL football club has scored the most goals so far in 2013?


How do they decide who wins the league in the epl in the case of a tie in points?

Teams are separated by goal difference if the points are level. If goal difference is the same, thenthe team with the most number of goals scored are higher. If teams are still level on goals scored, apparently,there's a playoff with the winner gaining the higher league place.

Who is the leading goal scorrer in 2010 EPL?

Didier Drogba with 29 goals.

Who is the 2nd talles goal keeper in epl?

It is Edwin Van der sar.

Who is the Leading goal scorers in epl 08-09?

nic anelka on14 goals

Who has scored the most EPL goals in a season for Manchester united?

Cristiano Ronaldo 31. 07/08

How many players in soccer have scored from the centre of the soccer pitch?

Only 3 players have scored from the half-way line is soccer since 1950. Xavi Alonso for Liverpool( EPL 2008) and Hugo Roddelega(EPL 2010) for Wigan and Maradona for Argentina. ( International '79)

Who scored the fastest hat trick in EPL history?

Robbie Fowler aka GOD from Liverpool, he scored all three goals in 4 min 33 seconds.

Who scored the first hat trick in EPL history?

Eric Cantona scored the first hat-trick in the Premier League when he netted three times in Leeds 5-0 home win over Tottenham 25th August 1992.

How many goals has Michael Owen scored in the premiership 2007-2008 season?

11 In The EPL 13 In All Comps

Has any player scored 5 or 6 goals in a match in the history of EPL and who?

No one has yet scored six, but four players have each scored five: Andy Cole, Alan Shearer, Jermain Defoe and Dimitar Berbatov.

Who is the highest Goal Scorer in World in this season now?

in epl its RVP ... robin van persie.. and i think in spain its CR7

What is the longest soccer kicked in professional soccer?

4 goalies have scored from practically the entire field in the EPL alone. This is a common occurrence across the world so it is though to tell what the longest really is. I would assume 100+ yards. See videos of "Tim Howard goal" or "Giovanni van bronckhorst goal vs Uruguay" for reference.

What teams have never been demoted from epl or first division?


What are the essential points presenting EPL?

presenting of epl

Who was the first foreign Premier League manager?

Osvaldo Ardiles managed Tottenham Hotspurs at the start of the second ever Premier League season in 1992/93, to be the first non-British EPL manager.