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WAS IT NOT THE CHELSEA PLAYER IN THE FA CUP FINAL No - own-goal! Scored in 1977 for Cambridge United after six seconds. Punt up-field from the kick-off, off defender's head, and in. I suspect it's actually faster than the fastest goal in league history.

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Q: Who scored the fastest own goal in English football?
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Who scored the fastest goal in an all Ireland Gaelic final?

Fastest goal all Ireland football final

Who scored the fastest goal for England in football?

Bryan robson

Who scored fastest goal in Football World Cup history?

Hasaan Sukoore

How can a goal be scored in English football?

by kicking the ball in the goal!! the best and original type of football. american football is stupid

What is the fastest goal scored in mph in football?

Ronny Heberson for Lisbon - 131.28 mph

What soccer player scored the fastest goal in the World Cup?

Hakan Sukur of Turkey scored the fastest goal in World Cup history when he scored a goal in just 11 seconds at the 2002 World Cup finals.

Fastest goal scored in ice hockey?

The fastest goal scored from the start of a period is 4 seconds, by Denis Savard in 1986. The fastest goal scored at the start of a game is 5 seconds, by Doug Smail in 1981, Bryan Trottier in 1984, and Alex Mogilny in 1991.

Who scored the first ever goal in English league football?

Brian Dean for Sheffield United

When is a goal scored in a football match?

A goal is scored when the ball passes the line!

How fast was the fastest Goal In The Premiership?

the fastest goal scored in the premiership is 1 second by conor harding

Who scored the last goal of the millennium last goal in world football?

The last Premiership goal of the last millennium was scored by Jody Morris; an English football midfielder that currently plays for Scottish club St. Johnstone. He has also previously played for Chelsea, Leeds United, Rotherham United and Millwall.

Who scored the fastest goal in the world cup play off match in 2002 world cup?

The fastest goal was scored by Hasan Sukar of Turkey in eleven seconds.

Who score the Most goal in English football?

Arthur Rowley scored 434 goals in 619 gqame

What was the fastest goal scored in the opening game in the history of the FIFA World Cup?

The fastest goal was by Germany! XD

What is the fastest goal scored at the Men's Olympic Football Tournament?

Oribe Peralta for Mexico v Brazil at Wembley in London 2012

The fastest ever goal scored in football?

Ithink it is from Hakan Sukur in 2002 FIFA World Cup semi-final Turkey - South Korea

Who has scored arsenals fastest goal in the English premier league?

Marouane Chamakh , Wolves 0:1 Arsenal, 37 second

Who has scored the fastest league goal for Chesterfield?

Eoin Doyle is the person who scored the fastest goal for Chesterfield. He is still the record breaker with an all time record of 44 goals in a season.Ê

Who was the player to score the fastest goal for Manchester united?

Ryan Giggs has scored Manchester United's fastest goal ever, scored in 15 seconds against Southampton in November 1995.

Who scored the champions league fastest goal?

The fastest ever goal in champions league is scored by Bayern Munich's Roy Makaay in 10.3 sec against Real Madrid in 2007.

Was 23 second goal the fastest goal scored in afcon?

23 seconds

Who scored the longest goal in the world cup?

There are no statistics for the longest goal scored in the World Cup. However the fastest goal scored from kickoff was 11 seconds. It was accomplished by Hakan Sukur in 2002.

What is the fastest goal scored in the English championship?

Ricardo Vaz Te for Barnsley last night (06/12/11) 7 seconds

Who scored the first fastest goal in worldcup history?

Hakan Sukur scored the fastest goal in world cup history. From the kickoff, it took him 11 seconds to score. (He played for Team Turkey)

What was the fastest goal in an FA Cup Final?

The fastest goal in an FA Cup Final occurred on 30 May, 2009, in the FA Cup Final in front of a crowd of over 90,000 at New Wembley Stadium, London: Louis Saha scored for Everton v Chelsea on 25 seconds of the first half. Saha's goal for Everton is also one of the fastest on record in top-flight English football in all competitions. Drogba's equalizer for Chelsea at 22.40 of the first half of the 2009 Final also marks the fastest that bothteams have scored in an FA Cup Final.Jim Fryatt still holds the all-time fastest goal in English football at any level when he scored on 5 seconds on 25 April, 1964, playing in Division Four for Bradford Park Avenue v. Tranmere Rovers.Freddy Eastwood, playing in his League Four debut for Southend United v. Swansea City, scored his first League goal on 7 seconds on 16 October, 2004.James Hayter, playing in League One football for AFC Bournemouth v. Wrexham on 23 February, 2004, scored the fastest hattrick (3 goals, without any other score on either side) in English football history, scoring all 3 goals within 2 minutes and 20 seconds. AFC Bournemouth defeated Wrexham 6-0.The fastest goal by a substitute was an astonishing 1.8 seconds after coming on by Nicklas Bendtner, playing in the Premier League for Arsenal v. Tottenham Hotspur, on 22 December, 2007.For more interesting records and information on the English Premier League, see the blog called "Poetic Football" via the Related Links.