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The fastest goal was scored by Hasan Sukar of Turkey in eleven seconds.

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Q: Who scored the fastest goal in the world cup play off match in 2002 world cup?
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The fastest ever fifa world cup goal was scored in what year?


Fastest goal in the World Cup?

was scored in 11 seconds by a Hakan Suker of turkey in the 2002 world cup

What is the fastest ever goal in soccer?

Itis six seconds in Arabian club match. In world cup it stands at 11 seconds scored by Hakan Sukar for Turkey verses South Korea in the 2002 world cup.

What is the fastest goal in World Cup Finals history?

The fastest goal ever scored in a World Cup match was scored by Turkey's Hakan Sükür after only 11 seconds against South Korea in 2002. Prior to that it was England's Bryan Robson who scored against France in the Spain 1982 World Cup after 27 seconds.

Who scored the fatest goal in history?

hakan sukur (turkey) scored the fastest goal ever in the 2002 world cup (11 seconds)

Who scored the fastest goal?

The sophomore midfielder set the NCAA record for the fastest goal scored in a collegiate women's soccer game netting the first goal just four seconds into the match. and in world cup history....... hakan sukur (turkey) scores the fastest goal ever in the 2002 world cup (11 seconds)

Turkeys hakan sukur scored a goal how many seconds into the South Korea soccer match in 2002?

It was scored in exactly eleven seconds, a standing record at the world cup.

The fastest ever goal scored in football?

Ithink it is from Hakan Sukur in 2002 FIFA World Cup semi-final Turkey - South Korea

What was the fastest goal ever scored you n a world cup finale?

the fastes goal is 13 seconds by Brazil in 2001 against ItalyThe fastest goal ever scored in a World Cup game is by Hakan Sukur against South Korea in 2002.Brazil could not have played Italy in the World Cup final in 2001, mainly because there was no World Cup held that year.

Most goals scored in one premier league match?

Australia 31-0 American Samoa 2002 FIFA World Cup Qualification

Who Most goals scored 2002 football world cup?

Ronaldo scored 8 goals in the 2002 tournament.

Who scored the most rebound soccer goals in a single match?

"In a 2002 FIFA World Cup qualifying match played by Australia against American Samoa, Archie Thompson scored a record thirteen rebound goals. This assisted his team in a stunning thirty-one to nothing victory."