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Now it is Yuvraj Singh who scored fifty in just 12 balls. It is against England in recently concluded Twenty20 world cup,in 2007,at South Africa.

Yuvraj hit 6 consecutive sixes in an over to complete his half century.

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Q: Who scored the fastest 50 for India in cricket?
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Who scored the fastest 50 in cricket?

J.Kallis in 24 balls vs Zimbabwe

Who made the fastest hundred in cricket world cup 2011?

Kevin O'Brien scored the fastest hundred in cricket world cup 2011. He scored his hundred only of 50 balls.

What is the fastest 50 in cricket?

Fastest cricket 50 means making 50 runs on less number of balls faced then ever done by anyone.Fastest 50 in all forms of the game combined was scored by Yuvraj Singh (India) against England in the ICC Twenty20 World cup 2007. Yuvraj scored 50 runs facing 12 balls.South Africa's Jacques Kallis has the fastest 50 in test cricket from 24 balls while the fastest 50 in one-day internationals is 17 balls by Sanath Jayasuriya of Sri Lanka.

Who scored Fastest 50 runs in test cricket?

Jacques Kallis ... from 24 balls i guess!

Who scored fastest odi 50 for India in how many balls?

it was Jaysuriya I think in 27 balls

Who holds the record for the fastest fifty in Limited overs cricket?

Sanath Jayasuriya(SriLanka) scored 50 off 17 balls against Pakistan in 1996 which is the fastest 50 in limited overs cricket. If you also consider Twenty20 Internationals (which is indeed a form of Limited overs cricket), the record is currently held by Yuvraj Singh (India), who scored a memorable 50 off just 12 balls against England in 2007 during the Twenty20 World Cup.

Fastest 50 runs in cricket?

Sanath Jayasuriya made the fastest 50 runs in the world

Who has scored the fastest 50 in the one day cricket?

ST Jayasuriya from Sri Lanka against Pakistan in Singapore in 1996. He scored 76 runs in that game and reached his 50 in 17 balls (Six 5, Fours 8)

Who has scored the fastest 50 in ODI?

Sanath Jayasuriya

Who has scored fastest 50 in world cup?

Brian Lara

Who has scored the Fastest 50 goal in La Liga?

It is Romario.

Who has scored the fastest 50 in IPL history?

a b devilers

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