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robbie fowler

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Q: Who scored more goals in man u vs Liverpool Ryan giggs robbie fowler or Andrew cole?
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Who scored the fastest hat trick in EPL history?

Robbie Fowler aka GOD from Liverpool, he scored all three goals in 4 min 33 seconds.

How many goals did robbie fowler scored at Liverpool?

1 goal for Leeds United 1 goal for Tottenham Hotspur

What players scored a hat trick on their premier league debut?

Well your wrong actually Because so did Liverpool Legend Robbie Fowler He scored 3 Goalson his Anfield Debut

What player has scored the most goals on free kick in football history?

In the E.P.L it his held by Robbie Fowler for Liverpool. It was scored against Arsenal in 4.38. seconds.

How many goals has robbie keane scored for Liverpool?

7 goals

Who scored Liverpools 4th goal in the 2001 UEFA Cup Final?

Robbie Fowler.

Which player scored the fastest hat-trick in English premier league?

Robbie Fowler

Who scored the fastest premier hatrick?

1995/96 robbie fowler in 5 minutes

Who are the Four footballers who have scored 100 goals and still playing?

Michael Owen Dwight Yorke Robbie Fowler Robbie Keane from Nigel Yee

What Manchester united goal keepers has Robbie Fowler scored against?

He has definitely scored against Peter Schmeichel and Edwin van der Sar

Name all players who have scored 4 goals in a premier league match?

Stan Collymore (Nottingham Forest, Liverpool, Aston Villa, Bradford City, Leicester City)

How many goals has Robbie Fowler scored against Peter Schmeichel?

wow it is incredible! may be one thousand?