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Michael Owen

Dwight Yorke

Robbie Fowler

Robbie Keane

from Nigel Yee

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Q: Who are the Four footballers who have scored 100 goals and still playing?
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Which current player still playing has scored the most goals?


Who has scored the most goals against Liverpool and still playing now?

jamie carragher

Which player still playing as scored the most goals against Liverpool?

Tim Cahill

How many goals did wanye Rooney scored in Manchester united?

he is still playing but i say didier drogba is better but he has scored lots but he still play Chelsea and Liverpool are terrible

Who has scored most goals against Liverpool and is still playing in the premiership?

Didier Drogba has scored a career nine goals in all competitions against Liverpool; 2 for Marseille, 7 for Chelsea.

English player who has scored the most goals against Liverpool still playing in carling premiership.?

Jamie Carragher

How do you figure out how much goals will be scored in EURO 2012?

Since the tournament is still going on, you would have to watch all of the games and count out how many goals were scored.

How many goals has Fernando Torres scored for Liverpool this football season?

So far this season he has scored 1 goals. It is still incredibly early in the season though.

How many champions league goals did messi scored for barcenola?

Messi has scored a total of 27 goals for Barcelona, and is still scoring, he has ow overtaken Rivaldo total.

Who scored most goals in 1 season Manchester United?

Denis still holds the Manchester United club record for the most scored goals in a single season with 46 goals in 1963-64...but maybe Ronaldo will break it this season..

Who has scored the most goals this season Barclay's premier league?

So far its Wayne Rooney with 9 goals but its still early season

What is the highest number of goals scored in a single world cup final?

It is a huge record that still stands today. Just Fountane of France scored 13 goals in the 1958 world cup. You must remember from 1974 only six goalsare scored.

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