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ovechkin has way more

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Q: Who scored more goals Crosby or Ovechkin?
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Related questions

Who Scored more points Ovechkin or Crosby?

If you mean the 2008-2009 season Crosby did .

Who has more awards Sidney Crosby or Alexander Ovechkin?

Ovechkin has a little more hardware than Crosby does.

Is Crosby or ovechkin better?

Who beat Crosby in the Winter Classic? If u think more u might be able to figure it out!!!!! Ovechkin is way better!!!! That is so easy to figure out! Now u have the right answer. Thanks!

Why are Sidney Crosby rookie cards worth so much more than Alex Ovechkin rookie cards?

I'd have to say it's because Sidney Crosby has been way more impressive in his career so far. You don't hear about Ovechkin a whole lot any more cause he isn't doing anything spectacular. Crosby on the other hand, became the youngest captain to win the the Stanley Cup, he has won a gold medal with Team Canada in the Olympics, and when he stays healthy, Crosby puts up more points than Ovechkin.

Who had scored more goals in champions league messi and ronaldo?

Lionel Messi has scored more goals then Ronaldo.

Who scored more goals than Pele?

Artur Friedenreich and Lionel Messi both scored more goals than Pele. Artur Friedenreich actually scored over 75 goals in a single year.

Who scored more goals Messi or Ronaldo?

Lionel Messi has scored considerably more goals than Cristiano Ronaldo, but these totals are always changing. Messi scored 91 goals in 2012, the highest total scored by one player in a calendar year.

How many times have the England national football team scored ten or more goals in one match?

England have scored 10 or more goals in a single match on 5 occasions. They've scored 13 goals in a single match twice, 11 goals once and 10 goals twice.

Who has scored more goals so far this season Rooney or berbatov?

ronney scored more goals but berbatov is near because berbatov is not playing any match like rooney i think if berbatov play more game he will scored more goals than ronney.

How many goals were scored by Cristiano ronaldo for real Madrid?

So far he has scored 32 goals, but he will score more.

How many goals has Alan shearer scored?

283 goals in 559 caps pretty good! And for England He scored 43 which means overall he scored 326 goals in his career which is amazing! (And he has scored much more than Bobby Petta)

Who has more goals Real Madrid or FC Barcelona?

real Madrid have more goals scored.

How many goals has messi scored again Arsenal?

Lionel Messi has scored more than four goals against Arsenal.

Who scored more goals Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?

c.ronaldo has scored more goals than messi.c.ronaldo's career has been magnificent and inspiring to others to and has been know best and entertaining player in football history.c.ronaldo has overall scored 10,846 goals in his whole career and messi 3425 goals in barcelonaonly

Who scored more than goals Andy Cole in the league?

Alan shearer has scored 260 goals compared to Andy Cole's 187

What football player scored the most goals in there football career?

Pele and Romaria are the players who scored the most goals in their carrers. Both scored 1000+ goals although some of these goals might be in leagues which are not very competetive Artur Friedrich who scored over 1,300 goals in his career more than Pele and romario

How many goals did Freddy Adu scored in 2012?

Freddy Adu scored a total of eight goals in 2012. 5 goals were scored in league matches and 3 goals in cup matches. Freddy is considered to have more potential but has, so far, failed to achieve it.

Who scored more goals in fifa world cup football?

It is ronaldo with 15 goals.

If WCHA officials would have stopped clutching and grabbing would Jordan Parise have scored more goals?

Jordan would not have scored any more goals if the refs would have called more clutch and grab penalties. However, his younger broth Zach may have scored more goals, since he was the Forward and Jordan played Goalie!

Who scored more goals than Brazil?


Who has scored more goals between Samuel eto'o and didier drogba?

Samuel Eto'o. Eto'o scored 293 club goals + 55 Cameroon goals = 348 goals. Drogba scored 252 club goals + 62 Ivory Coast goals = 314 goals. They are both legends anyway.

Have Manchester united scored more goals this season than Manchester city?

So far this season Man U has scored 74 goals, while Man City has 72 goals.

How many teams have scored five goals or more in the English premiership and who are they?

all the teams in the premier league have scored more than 5 goals except QPR have only just done it

Does Sidney Crosby have more goals than Alexander Ovekchin?

Crosby does but only by a couple. That number will change when Crosby comes back from his concussion, and Ovie and Sid reunite on the ice again

What jersey number scored most goals in soccer?

i thin it is number 10 because Lionel messi, Wayne Rooney, and Pele scored more goals.