Who scored for wales rugby in 2008?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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- Leigh Halfpenny - Lee Byrne
- Shane Williams
- Martyn Williams
- Morgan Stoddart
- James Hook
- Mike Phillips
- Tom Shanklin

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Q: Who scored for wales rugby in 2008?
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What is the Fastest ever rugby union try scored by Scotland?

John Leslie scored in 14s against Wales in 1999.

Second highest points scored in rugby Union?

Neil Jenkins with 1049 points for Wales.

When did Wales last beat Ausralia in rugby?

Wales last beat Australia in rugby during the 2008 Autumn Internationals. The score was 21-18.

Which player holds the record for the most points scored for Ireland in rugby a match against Wales?

david humphries

Which rugby team has most tries?

Jonah Lomu and Bryan Habana both have 8 tries in A Rugby World Cup. According to me Jonah Lomu is the best rugby player of all time. I believe that 8 tries was his own.

Who was the IRB world rugby player of the year for 2008?

Shane Williams Wales and Ospreys winger

Where can rugby tickets be purchased in Wales?

Rugby tickets in Wales can be purchased at the Welsh Rugby Union. The Welsh Rugby Union has many ticket options for many rugby matches in Wales. Pre-registration is also available for matches.

Where can you buy Wales rugby shirts?

Wales rugby shirts can be bought from many different stores online and offline. Some examples of stores that sell Wales rugby shirts include World Rugby Shop and Shop Rugby.

When was New South Wales Rugby League created?

New South Wales Rugby League was created in 1908.

When did Wales last win the rugby grand slam?

In 2008 i think. The score was wales 21-18 australia.

When did Wales rugby team establish?

Wales' first International Rugby Union match was played on February 19th 1881.

Where was the 1999 rugby World Cup played?

The Rugby World Cup competition of 1999 was held in Wales.