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Jimmy Greaves

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2011-11-08 09:48:42
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Q: Who scored both of England's goals in their 2-0 victory over France in the group stage of the 1966 World Cup?
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Who scored englands try in rugby 2003 world cup?

Jason Robinson

Who is scored to win the world cup for France?

Zinedine Zidane scored two goals with Emmanuel Petit scoring the third in injury time to complete a 3-0 victory for France over then World Cup holders Brazil in Paris.

How many goals did David Beckham score in the world cup?

he scored 17 with englands national team

How was England victory in 1966 remembered?

It was remembered even today, as it was Englands first and only world cup ever.

What year was englands only victory of a world cup title while hosting?

England won their only world cup in the year 1966.

Which country scored the 1st goal in the 1st world cup finals?

The first goal scored in the 1930 world cup was scored by France.

Why did communist leaders feel the scored a victory in Korea?

The communist leaders felt that they had scored a victory in Korea since it has embraced communism. Their intention was to transform the entire world to be communist.

What date was the first world cup goal scored?

The first ever world cup goal was scored in a game against France and Mexico on 13th July 1930. Lucien Laurent scored the goal for France.

Who scored the first goal in World Cup?

Lucien Laurent of France scored the first goal in World Cup history.

Who were Englands allies during world war 1?

Mainly the U.S.A, France, Russia and later on in the war Italy.

Who scored the winning goal when the world cup in 1998 for France?

France beat Brazil in the final by 3-0. Zinedine Zidane scored twice and Emmanuel Petit scored the third.

Who scored the first ever world cup goal?

Lucien Laurent from France in 1930 scored the first world cup goal

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