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The one and only winning goal came from Andrea Inesita in the last few minutes of after extra time remained.It was 1-0.

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Q: Who score winning goal in final match between Spain vs Netherland of fifa foot-ball world cup 2010?
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Who won 2010 football world cup?

Spain, they won Netherland 1-0.Andrés Iniesta scored a last minute goal.

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When was the last world cup won?

it was won on july11 the two teams were Spain and netherland Spain won

Who won last World Cup football?

spain won last world cup against netherland the final score was one nill and eniesta scored the final goal.

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Which country is playing the best at the Football World Cup?

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Is netherland going to win the world cup 2010?

No. The Netherlands lost to Spain 0-1 (a.e.t.) in the final match at Soccer City, Johannesburg. Andrés Iniesta scored the winning goal in the second bracket of Extra Time.

Who is Spain's football manager?

The football manager of Spain is vincente Del Bosquet.

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Is netherland good team 2010 world cup?

Yes Holland had a good team they played Spain in the final. And Spain won it A.E.T.

Who scored the winning goal for Spain in FIFA 2010 finals?

Ineiesta scored the winning goal for Spain in 2010 Spain FIFA finals. For the video follow the related link below.

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