When was the last world cup won?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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it was won on july11 the two teams were Spain and netherland Spain won

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Q: When was the last world cup won?
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What country last won the world cup?

The last world cup was won by Italy inthe 2006 world cup held in Germany.

What team last won the soccer world cup?

Italy Won the world cup in 2006

When did France last won world cup?

frace won world cup title how manytimes?

When did Argentina last win the World Cup?

Argentina won their first world cup in 1978 , with the help of Mario Kempes.

Who won the last women World Cup of Soccer?

The last womens world cup was held in China in 2007. Brazil won it.

Who last won the ruby World Cup?

if you actually mean Who last won the RUGBY world cup? then the answer isRepublic of South Africa

Who won the women's world cup soccer?

The last world cup in China in2007 was won by Brazil.

Name the country that last won the cup?

Italy won the world cup in 2006.

When was the last time ivory coast won the world cup?

The Ivory Coast has never won the World Cup.

Italy won the last World Cup in?

Italy won the 2006 FIFA World Cup held in Germany.

How often has Germany won the World Cup?

ermany have won the world cup thrice 1990 was their last win.

When was the last time the FRENCH won the world cup?

France won the world cup for the first time in 1998.