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Q: Who said golf was good walk spoilt?
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A good walk spoiled was famously said of which sport?


According to the famous author Mark Twain golf is what?

According to Mark Twain, golf is 'a good walk spoiled'.

Golf is a good walk spoiled?

Mark Twain is the person to have been quoted saying that. However it would seem about a million people have said it since. I don't think it spoils a good walk.

What sport did Mark Twain humorously refer to as a good walk spoiled?


Do you work out well playing golf?

When you play Golf you obviously get the benefit of a good walk, however the movement of swinging a golf club, although it may keep you limber will not build muscle.

Where can one purchase golf socks?

Golf socks can be purchase from many physical and online stores. Among them are gold pro stores, Academy, Walmart, Thorio, Kent Wool Socks, and Good Walk Golf.

How does golf help improve your fitness?

You get to walk 4-5 miles every round, very good exercise.

What is special about a golf cart?

you can drive a golf cart on the golf course so you don't need to walk :)

What is the car that you use in playing golf?

It's called a golf cart or buggy. It is jokingly said to be used by lazy people, but may be used by people with injuries or other conditions that don't let them walk 18. They are not that common in the UK as most people walk, but in the US they are very popular.

How many miles do you walk when you walk 3 holes of golf?

Less than one.

How do you ruin a nice walk?

The standard answer to that is play golf.

Is golf good for your health?

Yes, it is very good for you, provided that you walk instead of using a cart. It gets you out in the fresh air for a few hours and allows you to walk around 4-5 miles per round. Be sure to use sunscreen.