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I think that was when Curtis Arminaf was filling in in the commentary box, he said it.

I think he is actually saying 'he's doff't it and he's putting it back on his head and I'm pretty sure it was Sting who said it backstage at Live 8

- How odd to be looking for a Cricket answer and come across this. Liam Neeson is who you're after. Being a Big Star Wars fan I watched the Interviews on the bonus DVD of Phantom Menace where he gets to play with the CGI characters and that's where I'm sure he says He's Dwarft it, he's put it back on his head... I think "Dwarft it" is him meaning it like making the character smaller. Not got the DVD to hand so can't get actual wording of it.

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Q: Who said 'he's dafted and he's putting it back on his head'' during cricket match?
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sounds like something Jonathan Agnew would say....

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It was a chap called peter fontaine, he is a cricket commentator from South Africa and he said it during a match last year. An SA player fell during a run and his hat went tumbling. You can see him saying it on you tube if you search it. I think he actually says He's dropped it, not he's doffed it, but his accent disguises this.

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