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Ben Hayes in 1921 rushed for 3,928 yards.

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Q: Who rushed for most yards in one season in college football?
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Who is the all time leading rusher college for one season in college football?

Barry Sanders from Oklahoma State, rushed for 2628 yards in one season.

Who was the first college football player to rush for a 1000 yards n one season?

The first NFL player to rush for 1,000 yards was Beattie Feathers. He set the record in 1934 as a player for the Chicago Bears when he rushed for 1,004 yards.

What college quarterbacks have rushed for a 1000 yards and passed for a 1000 yards in 1 season?

Julian Edelman

What college quarterback has thrown 2000 yards and rushed for 1500 yards in the same season?

Denard Robinson QB Michigan 2010

Was Jack Mildren the first college quarterback to rush for more than 1000 yards in a season?

Jack Mildren was the first college quarterback to rush more than 1,000 yards in a season. During his freshman season in 1971, Mildren rushed 1,140 yards.

Who has rushed for more than 1500 yards in a season?

Adrian Peterson, he rushed more than 2,000 yards in one season.

Who holds the NFL record for most rushing yards in a season including playoffs?

1. Terrel Davis 1998-1999 season rushed for 2476 yards 2. Terrel Davis 1997-1998 season rushed for 2331 yards 3. Eric Dickerson 1984-1985 season rushed for 2212 yards Source:

Who has the most rushing yards in a season of college football?

Barry Sanders

What were the most yards Jim Brown rushed for in a season?

1863 rushing yards in the 1963 season.

Which college football quarterback has the most rushing yards in a season?

denard robinson

Who rushed for 1000 yards at age 35?

John Riggins of the Washington Redskins was born August 4, 1949 and in the 1984 season, at age 35, rushed for 1,239 yards. John Henry Johnson of the Pittsburgh Steelers was born November 4, 1929 and in 1964 season, turning 35 during the season, rushed for 1,048 yards.

What college quarterbacks have thrown for 1000 yards and rushed for 1000 yards in the same season?

Scott Frost, Nebraska 1997- 1,237 yards passing, 1095 yards rushing; Eric Crouch, Nebraska 2001- 1,510 yards passing, 1,115 yards rushing

Who has rushed for the most yards in a NFL game?

As of the 2008 season, that is Adrian Peterson of the Vikings who rushed for 296 yards in a game against the Chargers in 2007.

What was the most yards emmitt smith rushed for in a single season?

In 1995, Smith rushed for a personal best 1,773 yards on 377 carries. He won his last of four NFL rushing titles that season.

Who was the Buffalo Bills starting quarterback the season OJ Simpson rushed for over 2000 yards?

O.J. Simpson rushed for 2003 yards in the 1973 season. The Bills starting QB that season was Joe Ferguson and the backup was Dennis Shaw.

What running backs have rushed for 2000 yards but not won the Heisman Trophy?

Troy Davis at Iowa State rushed for 2010 yds in 1995 and 2185 yds in 1996. He never won the Heisman Trophy and is the only college running back to rush for over 2000 yards in a season twice.

What were the ten most rushing yards in a season of college football?

i dont know. wat am i a freakin' genious?! ;)

How many yards did Rhodes and Addai combine for in 2006?

1,722. Joseph Addai rushed for 1,081 yards in the 2006 season and Domenic Rhodes rushed for 641.

Which college players have rushed for over 5000 yards?

Adrian petersom

Has any running back rushed for 2000 yards twice?

Yes, Troy Davis from Iowa State. 1995 and 1996 for college football. Nobody has done it twice in Pro Ball.

What college quarterbacks have passed for 300 yards and rushed for 200 yards in a single game?

Marques Tuiasosopo of Washington is the ONLY quarterback to ever do it.

How many 2000 yard rushers in college football?

There have been 31 athletes to rush for 2,000+ yards in a season in college football. Click on the '2000 Yard Rushers' link on this page to see a list of them.

Who were the running backs who rushed for more than 100 yards against the Baltimore Ravens?

Cedric Benson rushed for over 100 yards against the Ravens in both games for Cincinnati in the 2009 season!!

Has Brett Favre had running back comparable to Adrian Peterson on his previous teams?

No, although he had some very good running backs with Green Bay. Ahman Green played 7 seasons with Favre at Green Bay (2000-2006) and, except for 2005 when he was injured and played only 5 games, rushed for 1000+ yards in every season. He rushed for 8162 career yards with Green Bay and had a best season of 1883 rushing yards in 2003. Prior to Green, Dorsey Levins rushed for 1000+ yards in two seasons (1997 and 1999) and Edgar Bennett rushed for 1067 yards in 1995. In his one season (2008) with the New York Jets, Thomas Jones rushed for 1312 yards.

What was the most yards Jamal Lewis rushed for in a single game?

295 yards in a game against the Cleveland Browns in the 2003 season.