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The fastest 1st serve was recorded by Andy Roddick at 155 MPH (248KPH), the fastest second serve is also held by Andy Roddick at 153 MPH (245 KPH). In the women's game the fastest serve is held by Venus Williams at 129 MPH (206 KPH).

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Q: Who recorded Fastest tennis serve in the world?
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Where can you find a video of the world's fastest tennis serve that is not on YouTube?

Google Andy Roddick; he has the fastest serve right now at 157 (I think) mph. It might be on a tape or CD of the tournament he accomplished it in.

What is the Second fastest game in the world?

table tennis

What is the Fastest team sport in the world?

Ice hockey is the fastest team sport in the world ^^^ id say luge is the fastest team sport in the world. those people fly. Badminton doubles (teams of two) has the highest recorded speed in a team sport, birdies have been recorded to reach speeds of 206 miles/hour which is 50 km/hour faster than the record bobsleigh speeds and almost 60 miles/hour faster than the fastest tennis serve. Though the players do not travel at those speeds.

What is the fastest non-mechanical sport?

The fastest non-mechanized sport in the world is ski racing or speed skiing. Second would be a tennis serve. The speeds reached in speed skiing are approximately 162 mph, and 262 kph

Is table tennis fastest game of the world?

depends on how fast u can play it

Which is faster a shuttlecock or tennis ball?

A shuttlecock - Fu Haifeng hit the world's fastest badminton smash at 206mph. The fastest serve in tennis was by Andy Roddick and was a mere 162mph. See Squidoo page for more informatino about Fu Haifeng and the Scribd doc for some more badminton smash records (singles, backhand, ladies)

What is the world fastest game?

I think it's Pelota, at least that's the one where a ball moves the fastest. Mind you, fools mate in chess is pretty quick !

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According to the related link below, the world's fastest recorded bird is the Gray-Headed Albatross.

Fastest pitcher in the world?

Androlis Chapman- Cincinnati Reds. Hit 106 mph- fastest pitch ever recorded.

In world tennis association history in 1998 .how fast did that serve go?

98 mh

Is peregrine falcon is the fastest bird in world?

The Peregrine Falcon isn't just the fastest bird in the world it is also the fastest animal in the world. The fastest speed the Peregrine Falcon reached ever recorded was an amazing 242.3 MPH or 390 KM/H.

What is fastest runner bird in the world?

The ostrich is the fastest runner in the bird world. They have been recorded to run at a consistent speed of 45 miles an hour for up to 30 minutes.

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