Who ran the fatest 200 meter?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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Q: Who ran the fatest 200 meter?
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Who ran the fastest 200 meter race?

usain bolt

When was Wilma Rudolph's first Olympics game?

1956 Summer Games in Melbourne where she ran in the 200 meter dash and 4x100 meter relay. She won a bronze medal in the 4x100 and was eliminated in the preliminary heats of the 200.

Who is the fatest sports player ever and what sport did he play?

Usain Bolt. 100 meter dash.

If someone ran 100 meter in 20 secondsthen ran another 100 meters in 25 seconds what would the runner and average speed be over the whole 200 meters?


Kim ran 200 m in 40 sec josh ran 300 m in 52 sec saren ran 100 m in 19 sec and Tim ran 400 m in 73 sec who can run the fastest per meter?

Tim or saren

What are some current events on swimming?

50 meter freestyle 100 meter freestyle 200 meter freestyle 400 meter freestyle 800/1500 meter freestyle* 100 meter backstroke 200 meter backstroke 100 meter breaststroke 200 meter breaststroke 100 meter butterfly 200 meter butterfly 200 meter individual medley 400 meter individual medley 4×100 meter freestyle relay 4×200 meter freestyle relay 4×100 meter medley relay

How much faster are running events on a composite surface on a 8th grade level 100 200 meter dash?

i ran a 24.7 200 in state and got 4th so.. and if you run under a 12 in the 100 meter dash that's pretty good, i run a 12 flat.

How do you calculate 200 meter dash speed into mph?

1) There are 1609.34 meters in one mile. 1609.34 is 8.05 times more than 200. So take the time that the runner ran the race in and multiply it by 8.05. 2) There are 3600 seconds in an hour. Divide the product you got from multiplying the race time by 8.05 into 3600 and you will get the MPH of the time. EXAMPLE: Someone runs the 200 meter race in 20 seconds flat. Multiply 20 seconds by 8.05 and you get 161. Divide 161 into 3600 and you get 22.36. A runner who ran the 200 meters in 20 seconds flat ran at 22.36 MPH.

How many olympic events has linford Christie taken part in?

8. Linford ran the 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, and 4x100 meter relay at both the 1988 Games in Seoul and 1992 Games in Barcelona and the 100 meter dash and 200 meter dash at the 1996 Games in Atlanta. He won gold in the 100 meters at the 1992 Games and silver in the 100 meters and 4x100 meter relay, both at the 1988 Games.

Can you convert what would be the 200 meter time of an athlete that ran a 21.9 seconds in the 220 yard dash?

A 220 yard dash time of 21.80 seconds translates to a time of 21.67 seconds for 200 meters.

Zach ran the 200-meter dash in 25 secondswhat was Zach's speed in meters per second?

Zach ruby and Jake are wicked.... and Zach ran it in 2 seconds.. HE is wicked...... yeh nut ruby is just the best

The fatest girl in the world?

Donna Simpson is the fatest women in the world.