Who ran the fastest 10k?

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Kenenisa Bekele

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Q: Who ran the fastest 10k?
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What is the fastest 10k ever ran?

26 minutes and 17 seconds, ran by Kenenisa Bekele from Ethiopia.

Fastest 10k run?

Ethiopia's Kenenisa Bekele ran a 26:17.53 in 2005

What is the fastest 10k run in 2013 by a 10 year old boy?

Daniel Tressler III of Oviedo, member of the Florida Striders and Central Florida Gliders, ran his first 10K, the Resolution 10K in Orange Park, Florida on 01/05/2013, finishing at 45:48!

What is the fastest 10k race ever run?

The fastest 10k time is set by Kenenisa Bekele with a time of 26:17.53. He is considered the most accomplished distance runners of all-time

What is the fastest 10K race for a twelve year old?

Such statistics are not recorded

What speed did you run if you ran 10k in 50 mins?

11 mph

What is the fastest mile ran by a 1st grader?

the fastest mile is ran by a boy named clark stevens 8:23

Who is the fastest dog on record?

ANSWER: My dog set a record for fastest dog she ran 25 mph she out ran a person's car

What was The fastest 6 mile ever ran by a human?

On August 26th, 2005, the legendary Kenenisa Bekele of Ethiopia ran 26:17.53 in the 10k (a little over 6.2 miles). Converted to 6 miles, this time equals about 25:23.27 Crazy, eh?

Should you say the horse ran faster or the horse ran fastest?

Both could be used in different situations: The horse ran fastest of all the horses in the race. The horse ran faster than all of the other horses. When the man, the horse and the dog ran, the horse ran fastest. The horse ran faster than the man and the dog.

Who ran the fastest 400m time?

Michael Johnson ran the fastest time of 43 seconds if you were wondering usain bolts fastest time then look for it on the Internet or YouTube

Fastest marathon ran?

10 seconds

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