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Q: Who ran more than 18000 yards in his 15 year career?
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Who was the first Green Bay Packer to gain more than 8000 career rushing yards?

Jim Taylor

How many more yards did John Elway run than Dan Marino during their careers?

3320. Elway had 3407 rushing yards in his career and Marino had 87.

Is 595 yards is more than 1mile?

1 mile = 1,760 yards. That's more than 595 yards.

How many quarterbacks have more than 30000 career passing yards and 300 touchdowns?

Five:Brett FavreDan MarinoPeyton ManningFran TarkentonJohn Elway

Is 4000 yards more or less than 2 miles?

1 mile = 1,760 yards 2 miles = 3,520 yards. 4,000 yards is more than that.

What NFL records have been set by Brett Favre?

Completions, Attempts, Wins, Touchdows, Yards and interseptionsHe has more consecutive starts than any quarterback.He has more passing touchdowns than any other player in history.He has more interceptions than any other player in history.He has more fumbles than any other player in history.He has more turnovers than any other player in history.He used the words I, me, or myself more times in a 10-minute press conference than anyone else in the history of television.most career touchdown passes, most career passing yards, most career pass completions, most career pass attempts, most career interceptions thrown, most consecutive starts, most consecutive starts by a QB, most career victories as a starting quarterback, and most fumbles.Brett Favre broke four records in his football career.

Is 18000 g equal greater or less than 10 kg?

18000 g is greater since 10 kg is 10000 g which is less than 18000 g.

What is 17922 rounded to the nearest thousand?


How many people die a year from msra?

A lot in 2005 there more than 18000 deaths

Who holds the record most receiving yards by a tight end?

Through the 2011 NFL season, Tony Gonzalez is the career leader in receiving yards by a Tight End with 13,338 yards. The only other Tight End with more than 10,000 receiving yards is Shannon Sharpe, who retired in 2003 with 10,060 yards.

What college quarterback threw the most touchdown passes in their career?

Dan LeFevour from Central Michigan University ranks third in NCAA history in total offense (15,140 yards) and is the only quarterback to pass for more than 12,000 yards and rush for more than 2,500. And.............has 148 touchdown passes in his 4-yr career so far, one bowl game to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who has more passing tds Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?

Peyton has more in his career with 64,964 yards compared to Brady's 49,149. While Manning has been in the league two years longer than Brady, Peyton would almost certainly still have more yards

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