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The Sharp ran for the most yards in the NCAA in 2013.

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Q: Who ran for the most yards in the NCAA in 2013?
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Who ran the most yards for a scoring touchdown?

Tony Dorsett with 99 yards

If Johnny ran the ball for 5 yards then he ran for 3 more yards then he lost 2 yards on a run How far did he run on those three plays?

10 yards. He ran 5 yards first, then 3 yards, then, even though he lost two yards, he still ran 2 yards. So he ran for a total of 10 yards.

What running back has ran for the most yards this season in the nfl?

Adrian Peterson with over 1,800 yards.

What is the most yards Gerald Riggs ran for in a game for the Redskins?

221 yards against the Eagles in 1989.

Who ran the most yards in football history?

Emmitt Smith

Who ran the longest yards in football?

Emmit Smith has the most career rushing yards in the NFL.

Who had most running yards in a high school football game?

the most yards for running the football in a game is Cole Wynn, Kansas. he ran 392 yards that game .

What is SEC rushing record?

The SEC rushing record, in terms of most yards ran during a college career, was achieved by Herschel Walker. He ran for 5259 yards, and played for the Georgia Bulldogs.

Who had the most rushing yards in college?

As of December, 2008 the answer to this question is Nate Kmic from Mount Union College. Kmic finished one of the best seasons ever for a college running back and now holds college football's record for career rushing yards with 8,074 yards. This season Kmic ran for a record 2,790 yards with 43 rushing and 44 total touchdowns as he led the Purple Raiders to their 10th NCAA Division III National Championship with a 31-26 win over UW-Whitewater.

Who had the most NFL rushing yards in 2009?

Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans ran for 2006 yards in 2009, only the 6th player in NFL history to rush over 2000 yards

Who ran the best wishbone offense all time?

The University of Oklahoma. In 1971 the Oklahoma Sooners offense led the nation in both scoring (45 points average) and total yards (563 total yards average), and set a NCAA record by averaging over 472 rushing yards per game. A record that still stands.

Who are the football players that rush for 2000 yards in one season?

In 1984, Eric Dickerson ran for 2,105 yards playing for the Los Angeles Rams. In 2003, Jamal Lewis ran for 2,066 yards playing for the Baltimore Ravens. In 1997, Barry Sanders ran for 2,053 yards playing for the Detroit Lions. In 1998, Terrell Davis ran for 2,008 yards playing for the Denver Broncos In 2009, Chris Johnson ran for 2,006 yards playing for the Tennessee Titans In 1973, O.J. Simpson ran for 2,003 yards playing for the Buffalo Bills.

Jonathan ran 850 yards Alan ran half a mile who ran farther?

Alan ran farther.

What NFL running back had the most yards in 1 game?

Minnesota Vikings RB - Adrian Peterson. He ran for 296 yards against the Chicago Bears in 2007

Who is the running back to rush 2000 yards in college and the nfl?

Barry Sanders. He ran 2,056 yards in 1998 with the Detroit Lions and he ran for 2,850 yards in 1988 at Oklahoma State.

Howie ran 100 yards and Jonah ran 100 meters who ran farther?


What is the fastest mile ran by a college kid?

Chris O'Hare set a new mile record in NCAA track and field. At the Millrose games, February 16, 2013, Chris ran a mile in 3:52. 98. Chris is a senior at the University of Tulsa.

Who is one of the RB's that ran for the most TD's in WAC history?

in Ladanian Tomlinson's career as an NCAA player at TCU (WAC conference) he and many others ran for 50 TD's Ladanian also has the record for most TD's in an NFL season with 31

Someone ran 48 yards someone else ran 150 feet who ran farther?

The person who ran for 150 feet ran farther

Someone ran 450 yards someone else ran and25 miles who ran farther?

The person that ran 25 miles.

Jason ran 200 yards in three fifths of a minute how maqny seconds did it take Jason to run 200 yards?

Jason ran 200 yards in 36 seconds

How many yards did emmit smith ran in his rookie season?

10000000000000 yards

Which player holds the record for the most rushing yards in a single super bowl?

Timmy Smith holds that record from when he ran for 204 yards with the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl XXII.

Who ran the most rushing yards in the NFL?

2010: Arian Foster 1,616 yards All time in a season: 1984 Eric Dickerson 2,105 yards All time in a career: 1990-2004 Emmitt Smith 18,355 yards

John ran 2 miles. How many yards did John run?

3,520 yards