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The New York Yankees and The Philadelphia Phillies qualified for the 2009 World Series by winning the pennant in their league. The Yankees beat the Phillies 4 games to 2.

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Q: Who qualified for this years World Series?
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Is there a major league baseball club ninety years or older that has never won a pennant or World Series?

The only current teams that have never qualified for the World Series are the Seattle Mariners and the Montreal Expos/Washington Nationals. The Chicago Cubs have not won a World Series since 1908.

Has Germany qualified for the World Cup?

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What years did they win the world series?

The tigers won the world series in 2002

In what years since the first World Series in 1903 was the World Series not played?

Since the first World Series in 1903 the World Series was played every year but 1904, and 1994.

What years were the dodger in the World Series?


What years have the cardinals won the World Series?

The St. Luis Cardinals won the World Series in 1926,1931,1934,1942,1944,1946,1964,1967,1982,2006,2011

In what two years was baseball World Series canceled?

In 1904 and 1994 the baseball world series were not played.

How many years did the Red Sox wait between World Series victories?

The Red Sox won the World Series in 2004. They had last won the World Series in 1918. That is a time span of 86 years.

Which 2 years did the New York Yankees not have a World Series?

There are a lot more than two years that the Yankees did not win or appear in a World Series.

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What are the to years of which baseball has not had a World Series?

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