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the most famous one is Neteral Fouschal he is an awesome soccer playa im his friend on facebook!!

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Q: Who plays soccer at Home Park Field in England?
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What soccer stadium do they play soccer at?

It depends on the home team. For example, Chicago Fire plays at Soldier Field, and AFC Ajax plays at Amsterdam ArenA

What is kopstand?

Kop Stand is the designation for the home end of the soccer field in Liverpool, England. It's named after a battle in the Boer War.

What is England's soccer outfits away from home?

The England away kit is all red.

What are the colors of England soccer jersey?

White for home, Red for away

Where did soccer first start?

Modern soccer was officially invented in England. The soccer Association was established in 1863 writing the rules for the game..with league and cup competitions following years later. England is referred to as the "Home of soccer"

Where is the patriots home field at?

The New England Patriots current home field is Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts

Where is the New England Patriots home field?

Foxborough, Massachusetts

What do London England and track and field have in common?

They are the home of the "Original Marathon"

What is another name for a socer field?

pitch? grounds? stadium? Home? ...and you spelled soccer wrong

Where was the first soccer stadium built?

the first purpose built soccer stadium was goodison park in Liverpool England. it is home to everton fc.

Which football soccer's club plays home games at White Hart Lane?

Tottenham Hotspur

How many times did england win the world cup of soccer?

England have only won 1 World Cup. That was on home soil in 1966.

What stadium did the New England Patriots play home games in 1961?

Nickerson Field

Things that are shaped like a pentagon?

the home plate of a baseball field

What stadium did the New England Patriots play home games in 1960?

Boston University Field

What sport is played at the hawthorns?

The Hawthorns is the home ground of West Bromwich Albion Football Club, which is a soccer club in England.

The Chicago Cubs and the Pittsburgh Pirates play home baseball games in the states of?

Chicago plays home games at Wrigley Field in Illinois. Pittsburgh plays home games at PNC Park in Philadelphia.

What is the New England Patriots home field?

The New England Patriots are based in the greater Boston area. They play their home games in the town of Foxborough, Mass at the Gillette Stadium. -Trigger

Where is the home field for the Brown Bear's lacrosse team?

The Brown Bears lacrosse team's home field is Stevenson Field. The Brown Bears lacrosse team plays for Brown University which is located in Providence, Rhode Island.

What sports game is played at Qwest Field in Seattle Washington?

The Qwest Field located in Seattle, Washington is home of two very popular sports. They are football and soccer. The two home teams are the Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Sounders FC.

Us soccer field?

Red Bull Arena is widely recongized as the best US soccer stadium, maybe even the best in the world. It is home to the not so great but easily lovable NY Red Bulls

Is the actor who plays Patrick Jane on The Mentalist british?

He is Australian However he does reside(second/main home) in England.

What is the meaning of home team in soccer?

In soccer this mean the home team is playing on their home ground in their home town that they represent; same in every other sport.

Can a soccer game be played on field where the home's team logo obscures the halfway line and center circle?

No. According to the FIFA Laws of the Game, all field markings must be clearly visible. The home team's logo can be present, but it must not obscure the required markings.

What is the biggest soccer stadium in the US?

i think is the giant stadium, because that were the final of the gold cup is going to be. The biggest soccer-specific stadium in the US is the Home Depot Center, home of the LA Galaxy and Chivas USA. The stadium has a capacity of over 27,000. Technically though, The Home Depot Center isn't the biggest soccer-hosting stadium. Gillette Stadium, a multi-purpose stadium, is also home the New England Revolution team. Their capacity is 68,000, making them the biggest soccer stadium.