Who plays number 8 in la lakers?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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There is no one on the current lakers who wears the number 8. However star Kobe Bryant used to wear the number 8 since the beginning of his career. But a few years ago, he switched it to his current number 24.

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lamar odom.

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Q: Who plays number 8 in la lakers?
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Who is number 8 in the lakers?

Kobe Bryant. But now he changed his number to 24 in 2006

How many times have the LA Lakers won the NBA championship?

1-1=0 lakers suck 8===D------

What is Kobe Bryant's lucky number?

His number is 24 and he plays on the Los Angeles Lakers

How can you become a la laker cheerleader and how old do you have to be?

go on to the lakers girls part of the LA Lakers website and go to audition information to get info on where to go and dates. You have to be 18 years old and 8 years dance experience is recommended

Who won on February 8 2009 in the game between the Lakers and the Cavaliers?

Lakers won 101-91. how many loses did the l.a lakers have

Who else used number 24 on the la lakers?

This is a list of Laker players who have worn #24 (not including Minneapolis Lakers): Gary Alcorn (1961) Ron Horn (1963) John Wetzel (1968) Keith Erickson (1969-1973) Kermit Washington (1974-1978) Ron Boone (1979-1980) Adrian Branch (1987) Steve Bucknall (1990) Lloyd Daniels (1995) Fred Roberts (1996) George McCloud (1997) Shea Seals (1998) Jim Jackson (2006) Kobe Bryant (2007-Present)

Who plays number 8 for Algeria?

Mehdi Lacen

Who plays sport with 8 on their shirt?

Thousands of people play with number 8 on their shirt.

What number does Steven Gerrard wear when he plays for Liverpool?


What is the number on Gerrard's back when he plays for England?

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What is the ditloid 8 equals LAL?

The ditloid 8=LAL could be 8=Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers have lost 8 games when their starting lineup was Steve Nash, Metta World Peace, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard and Earl Clark.

What NBA basketball team has won the NBA championship the most times?

The Boston Celtics have won 17 times. LA Lakers are in second with 16 wins.