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Q: Who played the most games of hockey for the Chicago Blackhawks?
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How many games have the Chicago Blackhawks lost?

The Chicago Blackhawks are a hockey franchise that was founded in 1926. They have won a total of 2415 games and lost a total of 2502 games, making their overall winning percentage about 49%.

Is there an organ player at NHL hockey games?

The only organist I know of plays in the United Center for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Who is the oldest living former hockey player?

Al Suomi played 5 games for the Chicago Blackhawks in 1936-37 and celebrated is 100th Birthday on October 29, 2013 (born 1913)

Who sings the National Anthem at the Chicago Blackhawks games?

Jim Cornelison sings the National Anthem at the Chicago Blackhawks games.

What is the song sometimes played at Chicago Blackhawks games and is a rock song that says the words 'your kiss' and 'your touch' multiple times called?

feel good drag by anberlin

Who is Johnny Gottselig?

Johnny Gottselig was born in Odessa, Russia but his family moved to Canada when he was young. After playing junior in Canada, he became a pro with Chicago Blackhawks. He played almost 600 games with the Hawks between 1928/29 and 1945/46. He coached the Blackhawks for 187 games after he retired as a player.

Where to the Chicago Blackhawks play their home games?

The United Center - 1901 West Madison Street, Chicago, IL 60612.

Who sings anthem at the hockey games?

Jim Cornelison sings the national anthem at Blackhawks games. Many different people sings anthems at other games.

What is the longest losing streak in Chicago Blackhawks history?

11 games in 63-64

When was the 2010 Stanley Cup?

The Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Philadelphia Flyers in six games to capture the franchise's fourth Stanley Cup May 29: Blackhawks 6, Flyers 5 (in Chicago) May 31: Blackhawks 2, Flyers 1 (in Chicago) June 2: Flyers 4, Blackhawks 3 in OT (in Philadelphia) June 4: Flyers 5, Blackhawks 3 (in Philadelphia) June 6: Blackhawks 7, Flyers 4 (in Chicago) June 9: Blackhawks 4, Flyers 3 in OT (in Philadelphia)

Will the Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup this year?

2013: Yes, the Chicago Blackhawks beat the Boston Bruins in 6 games to win the Stanley Cup. 2014: No. The Los Angeles Kings have defeated them in the conference finals.

When was the first time hockey was played at the commonwealth games?

Hockey was first played at the 1998 Commonwealth Games.

Who did the Vancouver canucks play in the first round of the 2011 playoffs?

The Canucks defeated the Chicago Blackhawks in 7 games.

Did the Montreal Canadiens win the cup in 1992?

No - Pittsburgh Penguins defeated Chicago Blackhawks 4 games to 0.

What is the name of the stadium that the Blackhawks play at?

They play their home games at the United Center in Chicago. 1901 W. Madison Street, Chicago, Illinois 60612

What movie and television projects has Jonathan Toews been in?

Jonathan Toews has: Played himself in "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" in 1992. Played himself in "2008 NHL Awards" in 2008. Played himself in "2010 MuchMusic Video Awards" in 2010. Played Himself (2010) in "The 2010 Stanley Cup Finals" in 2010. Played Himself - Ice Hockey Player: Canada (2010) in "Vancouver 2010: XXI Olympic Winter Games" in 2010. Played Himself - Chicago Blackhawks Centre in "2013 Stanley Cup Finals" in 2013.

What games are played with a stick and a net?

hockey and floor hockey.

Who is the latest winner of the Stanley cup?

The Chicago Blackhawks beat the Philadelphia Flyers in 6 games to take the 2010 Stanley Cup.

What team did bobby hull play for in the NHL?

Bobby Hull , of course , is most famous for being the "Golden Jet" of the Chicago Blackhawks for whom he played most of his NHL career. When the WHA merged with the NHL, Bobby played 18 games for the Winnipeg Jets and 9 games for the Hartford Whalers before retiring from the game.

What song is played during the video montage at Blackhawks home games?

Chelsea dagger by the frattelies

Who won the Stanley Cup?

The Chicago Blackhawks won the 2013 Stanley Cup in 6 games against the Boston Bruins.

Who sings the national anthem at Chicago Blackhawks games?

Jim Corneilson is the one who sings the national anthem.Sorry if I spelled his last name wrong!

How many different events does hockey have?

In the Olympics, there are four events: men's field hockey, women's field hockey, men's ice hockey, women's ice hockey. The first two are played during the Summer Games; the latter two are played during the Winter Games.

How many games are played in the Oddset hockey series?

The Oddset Hockey Games were played in February 2012 over the course of three days. Within these three days, 6 games were played amongst various countries.

What years did the Blackhawks play for the Stanley Cup with the Montreal Canadiens?

1931 - Montreal defeated Chicago 3 games to 2 1944 - Montreal defeated Chicago 4 games to 0 1965 - Montreal defeated Chicago 4 games to 3 1971 - Montreal defeated Chicago 4 games to 3 1973 - Montreal defeated Chicago 4 games to 2