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Carl yaztremski

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Q: Who played the most games for the Boston Red Sox?
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What Red Sox Player holds the record for most games played?

Carl Yastrzemski holds the record for most career games played with the Boston Red Sox with 3,308.

Which player in Red Sox history has played the most career games?

The player that played more games as a Boston Red Sox than anybody is Carl Yastrzemski.

How many games did Babe Ruth play on the Boston Red Soxs?

Babe Ruth played in 4 games with the Red Sox in 1914, 32 games in 1915 with Boston, 44 games in 1916 with Boston, 41 games in 1917 with Boston, 20 games in 1918 with Boston and 17 games in 1918 and 17 games in 1919, also with the Boston Red Sox. With his career while with the Boston Red Sox, he played in 158 career games with them.

Who played in the most baseball games after Pete Rose?

Carl Yastrzemski of the 1961-1983 Boston Red Sox with 3308 games played.

What team has most extra inning games played?

In a season, the 1943 Boston Red Sox--31 extra inning games, according to a Red Sox fan website.

What major league Baseball player played the most games for one team?

Carl Yastrzemski who played 3,308 games for the Boston Red Sox between 1961-1983.

Who sings dirty water played at Boston Red Sox games?

The standells

Who played the Boston Red Soxs in 1967 in the world series?

The St. Louis Cardinals played against the Boston Red Sox in the 1967 World Series, and defeated them in 7 games.

Which Boston Red Sox team won most consecutive games?


In baseball who has stolen the most bases in 2008?

Through games played on June 11, that would be Jacoby Ellsbury of the Boston Red Sox with 29.

What stadium do the Red Sox play in?

The Red Sox have played their home games in Fenway Park in Boston since 1912.

How many games have the Boston Red Sox won in their history?

The Boston Red Sox Have Won 8540 Games In Their History.

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