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In the NFL, Montana took over as full time starting QB for the San Francisco 49ers in 1981 and was their starting QB through the 1990 season. Backups to Montana during those years were ...

1981-1983: Guy Benjamin

1984-1985: Matt Cavanaugh

1986: Jeff Kemp, Mike Moroski

1987: Steve Young, Bob Gagliano, Mark Stevens

1988-1990: Steve Young

Steve Bono also saw action at QB for the 49ers in 1989.

Montana was the starter for the Kansas City Chiefs in 1993 and 1994. His backups were Dave Krieg and Matt Blundin in 1993 and Steve Bono and Matt Blundin in 1994.

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Q: Who played second string to joe Montana?
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What is Montanas sports teams?

joe Montana played for the 49ers

Did Joe Montana ever play second string to Jim Plunkett?

No.Jim Plunkett was the starting QB for the San Francisco 49ers in 1976 and 1977. He sat out the 1978 season before resurfacing with the Raiders in 1979 and leading them to 2 Super Bowl titles (XV and XVIII). Joe Montana's first season with the 49ers was 1979 where he was second string to Steve DeBerg.

Who played with joe Montana?

Dwight Clark

How many Super Bowls has Joe Montana played in?

Joe Montana has played in and won 4 Super Bowls winning the MVP award for the game 3 times.

What was the team Joe Montana played in a Super bowl?

Joe Montana played in and won Super Bowls XVI, XIX, XXIII, and XXIV.

Did Joe Montana have siblings?

Yes. He has 2 children with his second wife.

How many Super Bowls has Joe Montana?


For what teams did Joe Montana used to play?

Joe Montana played for two different NFL teams over his long career. He originally played for San Francisco, where he played for 14 seasons. After that he played for the Kansas City team.

What teams did Joe Montana play for?

Joe Montana played for: 1979-1992: San Francisco 49ers 1993-1994: Kansas City Chiefs

Did Joe Montana play for the Denver Broncos?

No, Joe Montana played 13 seasons for the San Francisco 49ers and 2 seasons for the Kansas City Chiefs.

What is the value of a Joe Montana card from when he played at Notre Dame?


What player played in super bowl 16 and 23?

Joe Montana.