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no one ever made that switch in that order

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Q: Who played professional baseball and then switched to play professional football?
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What athletes have played professional basketball and professional football?

Deon Sanders played professional baseball and football, so did Bo Jackson

What athletes have played 2 professional sports?

Bo Jackson (football, baseball), Deon Sanders (baseball, football), Jim Brown (football, lacrosse)

What athelet played two professional sports?

Bo Jackson football and baseball

What other sport did Deion Sanders play besides football?

Besides professional football, Deion Sanders also played professional baseball.

Has any one athlete ever played three professional sports?

Jim Thorpe played professional baseball, football, and basketball (although the basketball team was not a member of the NBA).

Which athlete played professional football and baseball at the same time?

Deon Sanders as well as Bo Jackson

Who played two professional sports besides Michael Jordan?

Dion Sanders , Played pro football for cowboys ,then played pro baseball for the braves.

What native American played professional baseball and football and won an olympic medal in track and field?

Jim Thorpe

Has any one athlete played two professional sports?

Yes Bo Jackson Pro football and Pro baseball

A native american who played professional baseball and football and won the olympic gold metals in track and field?

Jim Thorpe

Who is the native American who played professional baseball and football and won olympic gold medals in track an fied?

Jim Thorpe.

Who was the native American who played professional baseball and football and won Olympic gold medals in track in field?

Jim Thorpe.

What is uruguay's professional sports played?

Football (soccer) and basketball are the most played professional sports.

Has any one played two or more professional sports?

Yes, probably the most well known person to is Bo Jackson who played both football and baseball.

What sport was invented first baseball or footballl?

According to Wikipedia, "The earliest known reference to baseball is in a 1744 British publication, A Little Pretty Pocket-Book" whilst American Football can be traced back to the mid 19th Century (1850-ish) as an evolution if association football (soccer) and rugby.As far as professional baseball and football go, professional baseball traces back to the 1850s played by organised baseball clubs, whilst wikipedia has this to say on professional football: "origin of professional football can be traced back to 1892, with William "Pudge" Heffelfinger's $500 contract to play in a game for the Allegheny Athletic Association against the Pittsburgh Athletic Club. The first Professional "league" was the Ohio League, formed in 1903, and the first Professional Football championship game was between the Buffalo Prospects and the Canton Bulldogs in 1919."

In what stadium are both professional football and baseball played?

I know that the Toronto Argonauts (of the CFL) and the Toronto Blue Jays both play at the Rogers Center.

Is there a professional football coach who never played football?

joe gibbs:used to be the coach for the redskins

Did noel fielding play football?

yes, he played semi professional football as a teenager

What professional sport is played on Thanksgiving?

American Football

What football team was Bill bosworth on?

The football team that Bill Bosworth played on was the Louisville Cardinals. Brian Bosworth played professional football for the Seattle Seahawks.

What athletes played professional baseball and football?

I only know of Bo Jackson. football ( Los Angeles Raiders 87-90 ) baseball ( Kansas City Royals 86-90 ) and ( white sox 93 ) ( Angles 94 )

What sport is played in the NFL?

Professional football, American style.

Who played American football and was a professional wrestler?

Bill Goldberg

What are the professional sports played in Bolivia?

football and other sports

Where else is professional baseball played?

Canada and japan are two other countries that i know that have professional baseball.