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Q: Who played most afl games without a final?
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Who have played in the most fa cup semi finals without ever reaching the final?

i have played it

Who has played the most NHL games without a penalty?


Who are the top 10 active MLB players who have played the most games without making a playoff appearance?

Damion Easley has played the most games without making a playoff appearance

What is the most games ever played without a single finals appearance in AFL?

230 games

Which team has won the most NHL playoff games without winning the Stanley cup?

The St. Louis Blues have won 138 playoff games and have never won a Stanley Cup. They've also PLAYED the most playoff games - 307 - without winning a Cup. The San Jose Sharks have played the most playoff games - 136 - and won the most - 64 - without even MAKING it to the final series. Of the NHL's 30 teams, 13 have never won a Cup, and 6 have never played in a final series. All that information comes from the NHL Guide and Record Book, issued every autumn and available in bookstores near you.

Who has played the most NBA games without making the playoffs?

tom brady

Who has played the most games in the world cup without a loss?

Caversham trents

What nba players has played in the most playoff games without winning a championship ring?

Karl Malone played 193 playoff games in his career, with two teams, without a championship.

What NBA player played the most games without fouling out of a game?

Wilt Chamberlain played his entire 16 year career (1221 games including playoffs & all star games) without fouling out.

Which team has played the most consecutive games in the world cup without a loss?


Do you have to have internet to play games on the iPad?

Nope You will have to have the internet to download games to the iPad, but most can be played without a internet connection.

What major league baseball player has played the most games without ever being on a world championship team?

Carl Yastrzemski played in 3,308 games without being on a World Series winner. Ty Cobb is second at 3,035 games played and Barry Bonds is third at 2,986 games played.

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