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The 2006 final was played between France and Italy, Italy won on penalties.

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Q: Who played in the soccer world cup final in 2006?
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Where was 2006 soccer World Cup play?

2006 FIFA World Cup Final was played in Berlin, Germany on the 9th July 2006

Who was in the final of the soccer world cup 2006?

Italy and France.

Who won the 2006 World Cup of soccer?

Italy won the 2006 World Cup by defeating France in the final on penalties.

Which countries world cup football 2006 final played?

It was France and Italy in the 2006 final. Italy won the world cup

Where was the 2006 world cup final played?

Dortmund, Germany

Who won the FIFA award in the 2006 soccer world cup?

In the 2006 world cup held in Germany , the winner was Italy who defeated France, in the final.

Which country won the 2006 FIFA World Cup soccer tournament?

Italy won fifa world cup 2006 by defeating France in final.

Who played the finals in 2006 World Cup?

Italy beat France in the World Cup final in 2006.

What city was the 2006 world cup final played?

Berlin, Germany

Which country is the current champs of the soccer world cup?

Italy are the current world champions. They beat France on penalties in the 2006 World Cup Final.

Which teams played the final of football world cup 2006?

italy and france

Which team played against Italy in the 2006 World cup final?


Who won 2006 FIFA soccer world cup?

In the Italy vs France final, Italy won in penalty shootout.

When did Australia compete at their second soccer world cup?

Australia played their second world cup in the year 2006 in Germany.

How many times have australia qualified for the soccer world cup?

17 times best result in 2006 pre quarter final!

Who played against each other in the finals in 2006 the previous soccer world cup?

Italy and France.

Who lost the last soccer world cup?

France lost the final to Italy in the 2006 World Cup, losing on penalties after the game finished 1-1.

How many consecutive times has the US played in the FIFA World Cup soccer?

The U.S.A played consecutively from 1994 , 1998, 2002 and 2006. world cups.

Where was the 2006 soccer World Cup?


What country lost to Italy in the 2006 soccer World Cup?

France lost to Italy in the 2006 World Cup final, in a penalty shoot out. zidane got a red card, and it was out from FIFA for his whole life

Between which countries world cup football 2006 final played?

Italy beat France.

Who won soccer World Cup 2006?

Italy won the 2006 world cup.

Does Ronaldo still play soccer for Brazil?

He hasn't played since the 2006 World Cup and it is unlikely he will be back.

Who won 2008 soccer worldcup?

The 2008 world cup was not played as it is held every four years it was in 2006.

Who played on Australia's soccer team in the world cup 2006?

They are Tim Cahil, Harry kewell. and mark Schawzer.