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Q: Who played for the Chicago Bulls then switched to the lakers?
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Which basketball team does Bruno mars like?

chicago bulls and lakers

When did Micheal Jordan play for lthe a lakers?

No. Michael Jorand played for the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards.

What teams played in the 1991 NBA Finals?

The Chicago Bulls played against the Los-Angeles Lakers in the 1991 NBA Finals. The Bulls ended up defeating the Lakers 4 games to 1.

Where are the Bulls Lakers and Spurs located?

The Bulls are in Chicago, the Lakers are in Los Angeles, and the Spurs are in San Antonio.

Who did Michael Jordan play against in his first championship?

The first team Michael Jordan played for in the NBA, is the same team he was drafted by; the Chicago Bulls. He ended up playing there until his second retirement in 1998.

Who has won the most NBA games in a row?

72-10 by the Chicago Bulls in 1995-96 season.

Which Team was Shannon Brown on before he came to the Lakers?

Chicago Bulls

What is Kobe Bryant's favourite team?

Chicago Bulls (:

Which is better team between the Chicago Bulls 98' or the Los Angeles Lakers 2002?

the Chicago bulls during the Michael Jordan era was better than the los angeles lakers Kobe and shaq. the Chicago bulls were able to won 6 titles in 8 years.

Where are some places basketball is famous?

LA (Lakers) Chicago (Chicago Bulls) etc etc... :)

What LA Lakers player might have played for Chicago if the Bulls had called tails in a 1970 NBA coin toss?

wilt chamberlian

What series did lakers win in the 1991 nba finals?

The Lakers did play in the series, but unfortunaly they lost to the Chicago Bulls that year.