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There was a black guy who played both professional Baseball and basket ball, but he DIDN'T play hockey, at all. Michael Jordan played in the White Sox farm system so maybe he qualifies on two of the three counts.

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Q: Who played for the Bulls White Sox and Blackhawks?
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What are the names of the sports teams in Illinois?

Bears, Cubs, Blackhawks, Bulls, and White Sox

What is something unique about the state of Illinois?

The sear's tower The Bulls The Bears The White Sox The Cubs The Blackhawks

What teams are in Chicago?

The Bulls and the Bears. The Cubs and the White Sox. The Blackhawks and the Fire.

What are some things the state Illinois is famous for?

The Bulls, The Bears, The White Sox, The Cubs, The Blackhawks, Corn, Capone,

What are the professional sports in Illinois?

Chiago bears, Chiago blackhawks, Chiago cubs, Chiago white sox, Chiago bulls

What professional sports teams are in Illinois?

Just the Chicago ones - Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, Cubs, White Sox, Sky.

What are the sport teams of Illinois?

The professional sports teams are the Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bulls and Chicago Bears.

What are the sports teams of Illinois?

Chicago Bulls, Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Fire, Chicago Blackhawks are the professional sports teams.

Which Chicago Bulls player also played professional baseball?

Michael Jordan played for the white sox

Are ther any major sports team in Illinois?

Yes, Chicago is in Illinois so the Bulls,Cubs,White sox,Bears and Blackhawks are all major sports teams

What are professional sports teams of Illinois?

Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Bears, Chicago Fire, Chicago Bulls, and the Chicago Blackhawks are professional sports teams of Illinois.

What sports venues do Chicago have?

The major sports venues are: Cubs at Wrigley Field; White Sox at U.S. Cellular Field; Bears at Soldier Field; Bulls & Blackhawks at the United Center.

How many professional sports team does Illinois have?

Chicago Bears - NFL Chicago White Sox & Cubs - MLB Chicago Bulls - NBA Chicago Blackhawks - NHL Chicago Fire - MLS

Four professional sports teams in Chicago?

There are 5: Baseball: White Sox and CubsFootball: BearsBasketball: Bulls Hockey: Blackhawks and soccer but that doesnt count cuz its a gay sport nobody watches

What are four professional sports in Chicago?

American Football (NFL) - BearsBaseball (MLB) - Cubs, White SoxBasketball (NBA) - BullsIce Hockey (NHL) - Blackhawks

What are 8 Chicago sports teams?

Baseball--Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox Basketball--Chicago Bulls Ice Hockey--Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago Wolves Football--Chicago Bears Soccer--Chicago Fire Rugby--Chicago Griffins

Who owns the Chicago Bulls?

Jerry Reinsdorf is the owner of the Chicago Bulls. He purchased the team in 1985 and also owns the Chicago White Sox.

How many sports teams does Illinois have?

Chicago Bears - NFL Chicago White Sox & Cubs - MLB Chicago Bulls - NBA Chicago Blackhawks - NHL Chicago Fire - MLS

What can you do in Chicago?

Visit the Willis (formerly the Sears) tower, or the John Hancock building. Go to Milenium Park. Shop at one of the many many wonderful places to shop. Go to a sporting event such as: the Blackhawks, Cubs, White Sox, Bulls, or Bears. Go to a concert.

What are the names of the Illinois sports teams?

Chicago Blackhawks (NHL)Chicago Bears (NFL)Chicago Cubs (MLB)Chicago White Sox (MLB)Chicago Bulls (NBA)

What are some sports that are found in Chicago?

Hockey (the Chicago Blackhawks) basketball (the Chicago Bulls), football (the Chicago Bears), and baseball (the Chicago Cubs (on the north side), and the Sox (on the south side).

Is Charles Walsh a partner of the Bulls?

Yes. He is also a partner of the Chicago White Sox as well.

Who was the greatest basketball player who also played for the White Sox?

Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player that played for the White Sox.

How was Michael Jordan successful by playing baseball for the White Sox?

After winning three NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan surprised many people by retiring from basketball. He had always loved baseball as a youth. Fortunately, the owner of the Bulls also owned the Chicago White Sox MLB team. As a favor to Jordan, this owner brought Jordan into his baseball franchise. Jordan played on one of the White Sox's minor league teams. He did not do well enough to ever play in the major leagues, so he retired from baseball and rejoined the Chicago Bulls. His time in baseball was rather short.

Who played for Red Sox and White Sox?

Manny Ramirez is one of them.

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