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Nicolas Anelka

Also Emmanuel Adebayor.

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Q: Who played for arsenal then went on to play for real Madrid?
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Did baptista play for real Madrid then arsenal back to real Madrid?

Julio Batista called the Beast , joined Arsenal from Real Madrid n ow plays for Roma.

Does mesut ozil play for real Madrid?

He plays for Arsenal

Who played for Manchester united arsenal Chelsea Liverpool and in Spain?

There are a few Michael Owen played for Liverpool , Manchester United and real Madrid. Nickolas Anelka played for Arsenal, Real Madrid and Chelsea. Diego Forlan has played for Manchester United and Villarreal and Athletico < Madrid.

What players played for Arsenal and Real Madrid?

Davor Suker, Nicolas Anelka

Did Veron play for Real Madrid?

No, Veron never played for Real Madrid.

What football player has played for West Ham Arsenal and Real Madrid?

davor suker

Footballers who've played for arsenal and real Madrid or Barcelona?

Henry, Hlep and Sylvino.

Is Jose Reyes on loan to atletico Madrid from arsenal?

no, arsenal sold him to real madrid, who then sold him to atletico.

How many times have arsenal played against real Madrid?

11 arsenal win 10 & realmadrid win1 drown 0

Who scored for Arsenal against Real Madrid?

It was Emmanuel Adebayor who scored a penalty against Real Madrid, which also secured Arsenal's victory.

What club did kaka play for before real Madrid?

kaka played with ac Milan before he played with real Madrid

Who has played football for 2 of the top 4 premiership teams and real Madrid or Barcelona?

Michael Owen (Liverpool, Manchester Utd, Real Madrid) Nicholas Anelka (Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Real Madrid) Mark Hughes (Manchester Utd, Chelsea, Barcelona) Emmanuel Petit (Arsenal, Chelsea, Barcelona) Bolo Zenden (Liverpool, Chelsea, Barcelona) Lassana Diarra (Arsenal, Chelsea, Real Madrid)

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