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The footballer is the Italian christian Panucchi.

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Q: Who played for ac Milan real Madrid inter Milan Chelsea Monaco?
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Who has played for AC Milan Real Madrid Inter Milan Chelsea Monaco Roma?

Christian Panucci has.

Which player has played ac Milan real Madrid inter Milan Chelsea monaco roma?

Christian Panucci?

Who transferred from ac milan to real Madrid to inter milan to Chelsea to monaco to roma?

Christian Panucci

Who has played for Barcelona Real Madrid AC Milan and Inter Milan?


What players have scored for 4 different teams in the champions league?

It is nickolas anelka with Arsenal, Chelsea and Real madrid, and Luis figo with Barcelona, Real Madrid and Inter Milan. Ronald with Barcelona, Real Madrid and Inter Milan.

What is going on with Chelsea at the moment?

1)roberto di mataio is staying in chelsea to be a manager. 2)hazard,hulk and marko marin is going to chelsea. note:hamsik is attached to liverpool,chelsea,man united,barcelona,ac milan,inter milan and real madrid.

Who played in a game with Milan against Inter Milan Real Madrid against Athletico Madrid and Borussia Dortmund?

David Beckham?

Who did Liverpool beat in the 2005 UEFA champions league?

deportivo, olympiacos, monaco, bayer leverkusen, juventus, Chelsea and milan

Which are the famous football clubs?

Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Juventus, AC Milan, Liverpool

Which players have played for Inter Milan and Chelsea?

hernan crespo,

What teams has brasilian ronaldo played for?

barcelona, inter milan,ac milan,real madrid

What club did kaka play for before real Madrid?

kaka played with ac Milan before he played with real Madrid

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