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Craig Bellamy

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Q: Who played for Manchester city Liverpool and Celtic?
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Which players have played in the Manchester derby Liverpool derby and the old firm derby?

Players that have played for Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Everton, Celtic and Rangers. Obviously.

Who played in the London Liverpool Manchester and Glasgow derby?

Craig Bellamy has played for West Ham, Liverpool, Manchester City and Celtic and has been involved in their respective derbies.

Which is the onlyPlayers to have played in games between Everton v Liverpool- Rangers v Celtic -Manchester city v Manchester united?

remi moses

Who has played in the Manchester Liverpool and north London derbies?

Nicolas Anelka has played for Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal.

Which player played for Manchester United Manchester City Liverpool and Bolton?

peter beardsley

Which city is further north Liverpool or Manchester?

Manchester is just a few miles further north than Liverpool.

When was the last time Celtic played Manchester City?

7th August 2008.

Who is the only person to have played football for Everton Liverpool Manchester City and Manchester United?

Peter Beardsley

Who is the only player to have played for Newcastle United Liverpool Manchester City Manchester United?

Peter Beardsley

Who has played for Manchester city and Manchester united and everton and Liverpool?

Look no further than Peter Beardsley

Who is the only player to have played in everton v Liverpool Glasgow Celtic v Glasgow rangers Manchester united v Manchester city?

Andrei Kanchelskis. Michael Ball as well now also Craig Bellamy

Which player played for Liverpool and Manchester city?

Robbie fowler David James

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