Who play skydiving?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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The true answer is many people "plays skydiving". One of the great aspects of the sport is that people of all social classes and backgrounds participate.

The only people who do not "play skydiving" are those who are younger than 16 (in the UK) or those who have a medical condition.

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Q: Who play skydiving?
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Where do you play skydiving?

That depends on which country you live in. The best way to find out where to skydive is to look for you National skydiving association. For example in the UK, its the British Parachute Association. They hold a list of all parachuting centres (also known as dropzones). Another way is to use a search engine and type your location, for example 'skydiving Yorkshire'. The vast majority of dropzones have websites and they should appear when you search. If you are looking to do just a single skydive, it is recommended to do a tandem skydiving jump as your first. This is where you are harnessed to an experienced instructor and you can experience freefall for up to a minute. Edit: I would add that the first jump method is not "recommended." True, the vast majority of first jumps are done with the tandem system these days. That said, what is best for any particular student depends on the student and his motivation. You can also make a first skydive through Static Line, Instructor Assisted Deployment, and Accelerated Free Fall. Every method of first jump has it's advantages, no method is the best, but many skydivers will tell you that one is better than another. People will push one method over another generally for business reasons, personal opinion, or ignorance of the other training methods. Have a nice day! Martin Myrtle Air Capital Drop Zone

What is a catchy logo for skydiving?

If first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you.

How did skydiving get cool?

Skydiving is always cool ;)

What is the skydiving in Bangladesh?

There is nothing like skydiving in Bangladesh.

How do you say skydiving in french?

parachutisme, faire du parachutisme, sauter en parachute

What is the world record for skydiving?

The Exosphere i believe

Is skydiving Elsinore in orange county?

no, skydiving Elsinore is in riverside county

In the game second life what does a skydiving ball do?

A skydiving ball is a small object that contains a skydiving script, sitting on the ball will simulate a skydive.

How much does indoor skydiving cost in Texas?

Indoor skydiving is currently not available.

Indoor skydiving in Washington?

Check out the related link for more information on indoor skydiving.

Is skydiving or bungee jumping more dangerous?

quiet dangerous but children could get injured.