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Dick Selma threw a complete game in the PAdres' first ever game.

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Q: Who pitched in the Padres first game?
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How much does it cost to throw out the first pitch at a padres game?

You can do it for 220,000. - GM SD Padres.

Who hit the first home run for the San Diego Padres?

The first home run in Padres regular season history was hit by Ed Spiezio in the Padres first ever regular season game played April 8, 1969. The Padres won that game by the score of 2-1.

Who pitched the first perfect Major League Baseball game?

The first Major League perfect game was pitched by Lee Richmond on June 12, 1880.

Who pitched the first game at miller park?

for the brewers....Jeff D'Amico

One team was the Padres who was the other team in china?

The San Diego Padres and the Los Angeles Dodgers played a two game exhibition series in Beijing, China on the 15th and 16th of March, 2008. The first game ended in a 3-3 tie and the Padres won the second game 6-3.

Who pitched a No hitter on LSD?

Dock Ellis says he pitched a no hitter while on LSD in 1970 against the San Diego Padres

Who pitched the very first game for the Boston Red Sox?

Win Kellum

Who pitched the first game of the 1950 World Series for the Phillies?

Jim Konstanty

What were the pitching stats for baseball player Dennis Tankersley playing for the San Diego Padres in 2003?

In 2003, Dennis Tankersley pitched in 1 game for the San Diego Padres. He gave up 3 hits and 7 earned runs, recording no outs.

Who pitched the first perfect game?

The first perfect game in MLB history was pitched on June 12, 1880 by John Richmond of the Worcestor Ruby Legs against the Cleveland Blues. The score was 1-0.

How many grand slams where hit by the padres in 2010?

well when i went to the padres game they made padres had 10 and the pittburgh had 4

Who pitched the first game at shea?

The first regular season game played at Shea Stadium was played April 17, 1964 between the Mets and Pittsburgh Pirates with the Pirates winning, 4-3. Bob Friend started for the Pirates and pitched a complete game. Jack Fisher started for the Mets and Ed Bauta pitched in relief.

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