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Don Larsen in Game 5 of the 1956 World Series against the Brooklyn Dodgers.

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Q: Who pitch The first perfect game at Yankees stadium?
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Who threw the first pitch in Yankee Stadium history?

The first regular season game in Yankee Stadium was played on April 18, 1923. The first pitch was thrown by Yankees right hander Bob Shawkey. Shawkey was the winning pitcher as the Yankees defeated the Boston Red Sox, 4-1.

Who was the team that Marianne Moore write about in Baseball and Writing?

The New York Yankees. She later threw the first pitch at Yankee Stadium to open the 1968 season.

When did George Bush throw out the first ball at Yankee stadium?

The 2001 World Series was played in the wake of the 9/11 terrorists attacks. The first pitch was given to the honors of President George Bush for game three, the first game played at Yankees Stadium.

Who through the first pitch at shea stadium?

Jack Fisher

Who was the first New York Yankee to pitch a perfect game?

On October 8, 1956, in game 5 of the World Series, Don Larsen became the first New York Yankees pitcher to throw a perfect game. It still stands today as the only perfect game in the World Series.

Which New York Yankees have thrown a perfect game?

Don Larsen David Cone David Wells Randy Johnson, Kenny Rogers, Mike Witt & Catfish Hunter all threw perfect games, and were Yankees at one point or another, but did not pitch them as Yankees.

Did Regis Philbin ever throw out the first pitch at a Yankees game?


How many perfect games did David Wells pitch?

David Wells pitched one perfect game against the Minnesota Twins at Yankee Stadium on May 17 1998

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Who threw out the first ceremonial first pitch in the first Yankee Stadium?

New York State Governor Al Smith ...

Is Brittany Snow in Pitch Perfect?

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When did David Cone pitch a perfect game?

New York Yankees' David Cone pitched a perfect game on July 18, 1999, for a 6-0 win against the Montreal Expos.

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Who pitched the first pitch ever at Shea stadium?

The man whom the stadium was named after, William J. Shea. The first pitch in a regular season game at Shea was April 17, 1964 and thrown by Mets' righthander Jack Fisher.

Who threw the first pitch in Royals Stadium on April 10 1973?

Southpaw Paul Splittorff.

Who was the first to pitch a perfect game in baseball's World Series?

Don Larson

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Did the Philadelphia Phillies ever pitch a perfect game in baseball history?

Twice. Jim Bunning of the Phillies threw a perfect game against the New York Mets on June 21, 1964 at Shea Stadium. Roy Halladay threw a perfect game against the Florida Marlins on May 29, 2010, at Sun Life Stadium.