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William Webb Ellis , whilst attending Rugby school in England .... and hey presto the sport of rugby was born. It was in 1823 by the way (allegedly) William Webb Ellis , whilst attending Rugby school in England .... and hey presto the sport of rugby was born. It was in 1823 by the way (allegedly)

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Q: Who picked up a ball and ran with it for the first time in 1836?
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How did the sport American football originate?

First there was soccer and then there was this one guy that was training outside in Spain along time ago. And he picked up the soccer ball and he started to run with it juke and etc. like that. Then he told some people and it became to be known as rugby. And the Americans picked it up but instead of kicking the ball the Americans would tackle and throw the ball.

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Where did William web Ellis invent rugby?

1823 at Rugby School Warwickshire, England. At that time football was played in all schools (soccer). The rules allowed handling of the ball as long as the player carrying the ball retreated BACKWARDS toward his own team where he could make a pass. In this case Webb Ellis picked up the ball and ran TOWARD the opposing goals. This was the very first record of what we know today as rugby. Later more students also picked up the ball and ran forward but used the back pass as we know today to move the ball to their team players.

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