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She Does Its On Her New Album

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Q: Who performs hard core country Mickie James new TNA Theme song?
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Who sings mickie James theme song hard core country?

Mickie James and Serg Salinas sing Hardcore Country, Mickie James' TNA and AAA theme.

What is mickie James theme song?

Mickie James theme song is called ''hardcore country'' and it's actually one of her songs from her country album.

Mickie James Entrance theme?

Mickie James's theme song is called Obsession.

What is Mickie James's theme song?

Mickie James's theme song is "Obsession" by Jim Johnston.

What is the name of mickie james' theme song?


Mickie James theme who sings it?

mickey mouse

Who sings Mickie James' theme song?

nobody, there is no lyrics to it, but the song was composed by Jim Johnston

What is mickie James old theme song called?

Obsession. It's on WWE The Music Vol. 7

What is Johncena entrance theme song and who performs it?

he sings it

Who performs the Comedy Inc theme song?

A Canadian alternative rock band by the name of Headstones performs the Comedy Inc. theme song. The song is called Come On.

Who performs Kane's theme song?

My chemical by finger eleven. But that may be his older theme song

Which band performs the theme song for south park?