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The Chinese government.

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Q: Who pays for the Olympic games Beijing 2008?
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Who pays for the Olympics in beiging?

There are sponsors who pay for the Olympics close to 70 sponsors have expressed interest. As the British official believes the internet is the best platform for communication among youth. For the first time in modern Olympic history, the Beijing Games was in part sponsored by an internet service company. If this isn't enough then go to Beijing 2008 Olympics website and where it says site search type in sponsors and you will get a whole list...

Who pays to fly Olympic players to the Olympic games?

Themselves who play in the olmpics

Who pays most for the olympic medals?

According to the link on, it states the countries paying for Olympics Gold medal.

Why is the Olympic torch relay important?

It is tradition and it pays homage to ancient Greece where the games started.

Who pays the Olympic athletes?

international Olympic committee

Who pays the Olympic American winner?

The IOC, International Olympic Comittee.

Who pays for Gold Olympic medals?

The Olympic committee of that country. 25,000$

Who pays for Olympic athletes travel?

The Olympic committee in the country they represent.

Who pays for the US Olympic uniforms?

he countries

Who pays for Olympic uniforms?

Hosting country

Who pays Olympic athletes expenses?

own country

Who pays for the olympic stadiums to be built?

max jelle

Who pays for the Independent Olympic athletes to attend the Olympics?

No one

Who pays for the Olympic gold medals?

The country who is hosting the Olympics

Who pays travel expenses for US Olympic athletes?

Their sponsors!

How much do Olympic gold medal winners get paid US?

The US Olympic committee pays $25,000.00 to gold medal winners.

Who pays the living expenses at the Olympics for the athletes?

Each country's Olympic committee

Who pays for the Olympic team uniforms?

China....especially in the case of the U.S. team.

What are the ratings and certificates for En traversant le pays - 2008?

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How much do Olympic silver medal winners get paid?

This depends on what, if any, bonus the athlete's national Olympic committee pays out. For the USA, the USOC pays athletes $25,000 per gold medal, $15,000 per silver and $10,000 per bronze.

Does India pay olympic medal winners?

Yes, India pays olampic medal Winner's.

How much do London olympic gold medal winners get paid?

That will be based on the country. The US Olympic committee pays an award bonus of $25,000 for a gold medal.

Who generall pays Olympic athlete's travel expenses?

their "sponsors"... aka wealthy people who brag about their "sponsorees"

What actors and actresses appeared in Jesus Pays the Rent - 2008?

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How much do Gold medal winners get paid?

That will be based on the country. The US Olympic committee pays an award bonus of $25,000 for a gold medal. The United Kingdom pays nothing.